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SMASH Pre-Workout

Hi, recently bought “SMASH Pre-Workout” so far found it great, but havent tried anything else on the market.


Anyone got any information, reviews or past/present experiences on Smash that they could share with me?


That’s just ironic. No protein for muscle growth and no carbs to stimulate blood flow.

It does have a stimulants, but other than that it has no value.

yeah i take it with protein and carbs, apart from that, will it kill me? Im 18 and iv herd taking some supplements and still being young can be bad, the label says only to take when 18 or older, so you can see my concern.


It’s very unlikely that it will kill you if you are taking the recommended dosage, hackattack, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the money.

At 18, do you have energy problems that you NEED stimulants to work out? If so, we should probably look at your diet, workout, activity levels and sleep.

Supplements all by themselves aren’t going to give you the results you’re wanting. Results come from eating and working out primarily. Spend your money on the former and your time and energy on the latter. After those two are optimized and getting you the results you’re wanting, then you can look at adding some supplements into the mix.

BTW, I don’t consider quality protein powder and fish oil to be supplements. They raise the quality of your nutrition, enhance your health and body composition goals, and help you to meet protein requirements.