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Smartpoodle Has Passed Away



I regret to inform you all the Smartpoodle, my fiancée, has passed away of a heart attack.

There are no safe "Protein shakes" to take. Please heed that. No "safe" ways, nothing of the sort.

Except for vitamins and diet, please do not take anything else, not even creatine.

This was the most sweet, kind, intelligent woman in the world, and she thought certain things were, "safe".

If her death can save even five hundred and sixty seven people, just 567, I wont have to live thinking it was for nothing.

Thank you for listening...



Please elaborate, Charged. Name said supps. Family history? Other factors?

And I'm sorry for your loss.


pretty sure they are mocking the other thread?




Shut the fuck up.


Going through the mood swings and those sorts of things made for much confusion. Once I found out what was really going on, I stayed with her and tried to help her. I loved her beyond reason.

The effects of usage of protein shakes contributed directly to his death. They also contributed to her odd behaviour at times. These are not my assumptions, but the findings of the Coroner, FACT!

I am sorry if some find this post odd, that was never my intent. She was a wonderful person, so to think I am saying otherwise is also not my intent. To judge others for what they do or do not do is also not my intent. Only to warn and inform. That was all.

She wished she had never started, and I know she would wish to help others never start. I am only honouring her.

Peace to you all,



Oh God lol


sorry, wrong thread.


You missed one of the "his" in there.


In bad taste lol......but funny (I hope I'm not going to hell for laughing)


Best case scenario is that in a few weeks SmartBulldog comes back to the forum and has the greatest WTF moment ever. Some person he never met has proclaimed him dead.