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Smartphones and Powerlifting


I just got a Smartphone and wondering two things:
1. Any applications to monitor progress on Squat/Bench/Dead. I found this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/free_lift_tracker_for_android_phones but thought there might be some other option to look at as well.

  1. Any applications for actually putting in a 1 RM and having it tell you a weight to rep count. For example you put in your 1RM as 430 lbs it comes back with a chart showing 5 reps at 395, 3 reps at 405, 2 reps at 420. So on (not actual numbers, just pulling these out of my ass)


When did lifting weights get so damn complicated?


I just have this page bookmarked on my Blackberry, it does all of the stuff in #2


Thanks Racer that's pretty handy.

VTBalla, I don't see this as a complication but a simplification and tool. Just like if FitDay were to release an Android version I'd get it to track my food intake why shouldn't I do the same for my lifts.


Rep calculators don't work .


BarzLoaded, input weight of bar and how much you want loaded, tells you how many plates of each weight to load on each side.

IntervalTimer, duh.

Don't know if these are for all smart phones or just the iPhone, but eh.


I wouldn't take your smart phone anywhere near a gym...I crushed mine with a dumbbell listening to Pandora. Then again, I don't expect anyone to be as stupid as me... :slight_smile:


I know of a cool calculator that will calculate your 1 RM for bench press, deadlift, and squat. It uses a table of various coefficients that are specific to the major exercises (bench press, deadlift, squat). So if you are in a mass building phase and have not done a 1 RM in a long time, then this calculator is pretty cool for giving you a good idea of what you can max.




Again rep calculators don't work . As you get closer to your max form will tend to break down and you can't accurately predict it .

Example , based on my friends reps at a certain weight, his projected max was 540 in the deadlift . Actual max was 455. The closer to the max you are with reps , the more accurate it will be . Doubles are better than triples than fives than tens .


since we all know the rule- "video or it didn't happen" i recently bought a smart phone and attempted to download a video tonight to youtube. unfortunately it taped sideways. any ideas how to fix this??

i tried beating it against my head for awhile but that didn't work.


That didn't work? Well, I am out of ideas. Maybe run some hot water on it so it loosens up?


I found my best rep calculator was my past experience . If I did x weight when I did y reps it held fairly true as I got stronger .

Keep good records .


You can rotate your videos in the youtube editor. A quick google shirt for rotating youtube videos should get you pointed in the right direction.

Can't usually do it from your phone though.


Try going to outlawpowerlifting.com. They keep talking about something called "Liftracker" which I assume does some or all of what you want in #1. I haven't looked into it though.




I thought the sideways video was to go for a 'slimming' camera effect...


nah... benching has gotten so easy that to challenge myself i've bolted the bench to the wall and am now benching off the wall. it really hits the "core" and stabilizer muscles.


Just do the 300 workout...


thanks hoss. i appreciate the help. i won't comment on how long it took me to figure out what you meant by "google shirt" though. i figured it was something the crazy kids were doing these days then it dawned on me that you meant "google SEARCH".