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Smartphone Reccomendation



It is coming up on time to renew my contract and I would like to upgrade to a smartphone. Is there anything coming out in the near future that I should wait for? Points to consider...

-I have Verizon
-I don't do alot of talking, less than 500 minutes a month.
-I do some texting, less than 200 messages a month.
-I'm a teacher and use some social networking to interact with my students
-For sure no more than 10 tweets a day
-Would like to make the occasional facebook update
-I won't be using my phone as an mp3 player or to watch movies
-I don't surf the net on my phone, just the occasional google search or quick youtube clip
-Would be nice to be able to access my google docs if the need arises
-Biggest concern is battery life. I've heard stories of phones that can't make it through an entire day on one charge
-I'm kind of tech savy and am totally able to follow instructions to root a phone and flash a new ROM if that is the way to go

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.


iPhone is still the way to go


im for androids personally, made by google. if you know what your doing with technology, i think you have more potential here.


So in that regard, they are like PCs. hmm


Samsung GS2 is coming out this month. I'm not sure if it will be available to your carrier though. I would suggest the Droid X2 pretty good phone. Only thing I'm not a big fan of is the qhd display which is a bit dim compared to super amoled screens. But qhd has a higher resolution so it will appear less pixelated than the amo.


If battery life is very important Iphone seems to be your best bet. Since it doesn't have the slightest bit of multitasking and very clean ui and os it uses very little battery.


Go with a samsung droid charge I have it, actually posting from it right now. 4g, 8 emgapixel camera, free google maps, big screen, super amoled, and 32gigs expandable memory included. You also might want to upgrade quick as of 7/7 no unlimited data for Verizon $30 will now be 2 gigs instead an the price goes up depending on whatyou use.


Yo Kevin, do you still work for Verizon? When's the Motorola Bionic coming out?


x2 on android and the data plan.

If you use your phone a lot for email, browsing, or listening to music, lock yourself in now. Theres also free tethering apps to hook your computer up to it without having to get root on your phone.


I would highly reccommend the HTC desire. Im not sure if there is a updated version coming out soon. Battery life is usually about 2 and half days with moderate use.

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I moved from iPhone to Samsung GS2 and haven't regretted it in the slightest. Beautiful wee phone. Sorry...'wee' isn't really the right descriptor to use here.


I'm still standing strong behind Windows Phone 7. At the very least, give it a try in a shop.

The upcoming update this fall will bring it up to par with the other platforms, plus it will have everything integrated so you don't need 20 apps for basic functionality. It has Office, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all deeply integrated with the phone, and with the next update it will offer the best battery life of all smart phones.

If you are willing to wait till the fall, a Nokia Windows Phone is going to be one of the best on the market. Best phone camera, most likely best battery life and the nicest mobile OS.


iphone 4.



They scrapped the Bionic for the Targa and are supposedly releasing a different Bionic most likely after tiered data comes out on the 7th.


Meh Droid does FTW


Thanks for all of the replies guys. I do like the Samsung charge, but am thinking the price is a bit high for me. I'm leaning toward the Droid X or Droid X2.


X2 has a dual core processor and the screen is nicer than the original x, you also might like the Incredible 2 it has a front facing camera for skype and there is a $50 mail in rebate for it now


Just got back from the Verizon store and I'm in a tough spot. I'm not up for an upgrade until Aug 1st, so...

1.)I can move on it now to get in on the $30 a month unlimited data, but pay $400+ for a phone


2.)Wait until my upgrade to pay less for the phone, but get caught by the data plan.

Kevin, if I wait until my upgrade, will I be able to get the X2 for $199?


Yeah that's the upgrade price how long have you had your phone what price plan do you have? You might be up for an yearly upgrade if you have a 59.99 or above price plan and had your phone for 12 months or more. Corporate stores don't do these because it hurts their metrics but us resellers do them all day becuase we get paid the same regardless.


It will be 2 years on August 1. I've got the most basic talking plan plus a $10 a month text message add-on. I'm not giving them much money so they don't seem to anxious to help me out with an early upgrade.