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SmartPhone for Calendars & Schedulling


What's the best most affordable phone for offline scheduling and calendaring?
Ie, it will vibrate or shake when a new event comes up and send you a text?
I'm really interested in finding something in the 200 dollar range that has google calendar type capabilities.


you can get an iphone 3gs for like 50 bucks with a contract


i hate using smartphones to schedule stuff. i use a moleskine weekly planner.


iphone is deifnitely the way to go. Some of the apps they have out for calendar/organization type stuff are amazing. I use 2Do. Very helpful


Nothing is as fast as a regular calendar.

The ZTE blade is cheap and awesome, get that.


I use the calender on my ipad, works well and i have it all day at school anyways so its easy to keep track of....


Any phone with an Android OS. I sync my google calendar to my phone and to my Thunderbird email client at work and home computers. Once it's set up, it works flawlessly.

I can update my calendar on my phone, PC or on directly on my google calendar and they'll all sync up. You can set events to email you a reminder or for your phone to alert you via a ringtone.


Do you mind if I ask why?


You can do this with most smartphones though. I did this on my iPhone and now I do exactly this on my WP7 too.


I just can't get into any online things, like gCal- and I hate adding stuff to calendars through my phone (samsung captivate running android). I am much quicker and enjoy taking time to schedule my week in pen and paper. It's also a habit I picked up on the mission- using a paper and pen daily planner. I'm quicker at writing and setting times than on the phone.


I generally don't like entering stuff on my phone either. I enter most of my stuff on my computer at work (since I'm on it all day anyway) and it syncs to my phone. But I do know other's who still like to write things out. My girlfriend has this huge planner even though she could just use her droid for that stuff. I was checking to make sure you weren't doing it because you did know of the technology.


I know. I just listed one specific commonly available option. I used to use the blackberry/outlook/google calendar combo as well. There's probably 100 ways to do it, I was just suggesting what currently works for me.


blackberry's are cheap, get google sync app done