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Smartphone Fitness App Features Would Be Useful?


This question showed up on anther forum, piqued my interest.

What, if any, smartphone app and features would you find useful, aimed at beginners?

I'm not looking at the business case (though that's another discussion), just the useful features of an app.

I've got one on my phone (Android, "LiftPro") that computes 1RM, Wilkes score, and a few other metrics which I find useful. That's most of what I use it for. It's got some exercise/workout logging features, but I find inputting stuff on a phone is too much of a PITA, prefer paper.

I've got a set of tools/programs on my own computer which estimate BMR and generate a suggested caloric intake and macro breakdown based on activity level (awk/bash/bc scripts for the technically inclined).

It would be kind of cool to have something to generate (and log) 5x5, 5/3/1, or other workout program sessions, though I do this now with a spreadsheet and paper bound logbook. The logbook has the useful feature that I can drop a 500# deadlift bar on it and it works just as well afterward. Not so sure my phone would do as well.

Think basic features, useful stuff, tie-ins, etc., mostly aimed at the beginner.

My main goal would be to have something that doesn't suck (there are a bunch of useless apps out there), is useable, and which actually gives something to the end-user which would be kinda neat.


You answered your own question: you do not need any of it. A spreadsheet and a notebook will suffice.

I hope you did not pay for the programs on your PC. Who cares what your calculated BMR is? If you are gaining: eat as much as needed to gain a few pounds per month. Gaining to slow/fast? Eat more/less. Similar logic used while leaning out.

This isn't fucking rocket science.

I don't mean to sound like an ass here but all of this is pretty ridiculous. I have wasted far too much time worrying about the minutia and not the key staples that actually work.

A spread sheet program such as Excel or Open Office works very well for dietary calorie calculations as well as recording performance.



I'm with you. I'm actually very much a tech minimalist, and look for appropriate tools where at all possible. My own sense is that apps (and smartphones) are more a pain-in-the-ass to deal with in the gym than they're worth (I don't even like carrying a music player).

No, I wrote them myself. Mostly to post a quick response to someone who's asking for diet advice on other forums. There are a huge number of people who've simply got no idea how much they should be eating, or what an appropriate macro breakdown is. I'm not a calorie counter myself, but it's handy to see what, within a reasonable ballpark, is sane.

Dig. We're a lot closer to the same page than you'd think (and my own response to the guy posting was pretty ascerbic too).

That said: what would make something not suck? The 1RM calculator I mentioned is pretty handy -- it's that or the calculator on ExRx that I turn to generally.


I'd like a T-Nation app so I can access articles ,forums,spills as well as being able to order some T-Nation goodness while on the go


yeah I'd like the menu to not be a popup menu that doesn't work on my phone.

as for apps, I just asked a similar question in the PL forum and got very little response. I did download a program called 1RM though I haven't used it and not sure I will. I also downloaded Bench Press Workout which is the MM2K bench press routine. I'm sure its not the best routine but my bench is struggling and the app is really nice so all I did was enter my current 1 RM and it generated the whole program for me without the need for me to do any calculations or percentages or anything.


I'm re-reading Wendler's 5/3/1.

What would be ideal would be finding some way to cram Jim Wendler into my smartphone.

Somehow I don't think Jim would take kindly to that, or that my phone would survive.