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Smartest Woman Alive Follows Warrior Diet


"I have a very light breakfast (low-fat yogurt or fruit or cereal) and a very small lunch (a bit of cheese and crackers). And during the day, I drink water and a couple of cups of tea (sometimes with caffeine).

For dinner, however, I have just about anything I want, including bread and a little butter or olive oil, most kinds of entrees and vegetables, plus a dessert.

The biggest exception is that I try to limit saturated fats, so I donâ??t often have foods like burgers and fries. I also skip fatty meats and gravies and soups with cream.

I think this maintenance diet is successful because itâ??s hard to overeat when you have only one significant meal a day. If my weight creeps upward a few poundsâ??which sometimes happensâ??I eliminate the bread and dessert until my weight returns to normal.

I also have strict rules, which I seldom break, except during vacations and holidays:"


The above is pretty similar to the Warrior Diet (Ori Hofmeckler).


Oh, I thought you meant Hillary, and was wondering how the thighs matched up with the claimed diet. My mistake.


Let's put an end to this obvious troll job: "I'll definitely start eating like a middle-aged woman." <--- That's all any of you who will take the bait will say.



When brilliant people speak, you refuse to listen or even consider what they say. Want some sugar with your cup of arrogance?


Sexiest Woman Alive Follows Typical Bodybuilder Diet


Eat every 3 hours, lean protein, complex carbs, veggies, healthy fats.



For the Win


...and since her digestive system is 'on' all day, as is her parasympathetic system (to keep digestion going), that system will breakdown all the sooner.

Did humans evolve to eat all day? Let's see...for hundreds of thousands of years, we hunt/gather all day, and then eat at night. In fact, we develop two nervous systems, one for activity (sympathetic) and one for rest/digestion. Hunt, eat, rest, hunt, eat, rest,...

Ahhh, let's ignore that and eat steak all day! We'll get huuuuuuugggggggeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Evidence, please?

Not unproven "reasoning," but evidence?


I'll listen and potentially change any and all eating habbits if there is any indication (research) showing that eating frequent (controlled, well balanced) meals throughout the day (in absense of other stress) is somehow harmful.


You already know what you will get from HH.


and do you think our bodies evolved in a manner that would not want good quality food, even if frequently? what does the frequency matter

you think our bodies are that frail?

hell, most americans kill their bodies every day and still live a long life (maybe not the highest quality), but the body will adapt




Guys, HH is a notorious troll. He's one of the only legit trolls on the board. He just had a post in Combat Sports asking why Mexicans liked tattoos so much.


what was the consensus? :wink:


Google Scholar not working for you today?

"The overfeeding-induced changes in autonomic outflow occur with typical symptoms such as adiposity and hyperisulinemia. There might be a causal relationship between autonmic disturbances and the consequences of overfeeding and obesity. Therefore studies were designed to investigate autonomic functioning in experimentally and genetically hyperphagic rats. Special emphasis was given to the processes that are involved in the regulation of peripheral energy substrate horneostasis. The data revealed that overfeeding is accompanied by increased parasympathetic outflow."


"In models for hyperphagia that display a continuously elevated nutrient intake such as the VMH-lesioned and the overfed rat, this increased sympathetic tone was accompanied by a diminished NE response to exercise. This attenuated outflow of NE was directly related to the size of the fat reserves, indicating that the feedback mechanism from the periphery to the central nervous system is altered in the overfed state."

Of course, you COULD simply go to the zoo and look at the poor predator animals who're constantly fed --- their glazed eyes and constant sleeping. They're fed constantly to reduce their natural hunting instincts. (Its a crime to keep predator animals locked up, IMHO.)

Hmmm...perhaps that's why WE are fed constantly. Fat and jolly people are easier to rule than lean hungry predators. That's food for thought!


did anyone else ever have trouble opening those "capri sun" drinks when they were young? Man I used to make such a mess.


As I thought: you had no evidence that "that system will break down sooner."

Further you failed to realize that overeating -- excess total amount per day -- is a totally different matter than eating the correct amount divided into a different amount of meals, and therefore not only does your citation show nothing regarding your claim that the "system will break down sooner" even in the case studied, but that the case studied had no bearing in any case.

You also know nothing of how zoo animals are kept.

I did learn something though: I hadn't known they had Internet access under bridges. Wi-Fi?


Yeah, I kind of thought that the study listed would be beyond you, that constant feeding fucks up the sympathetic/parasympathetic loop. Ah well, go ahead and keep chugging down the non-stop food. You sure know that humans were meant to eat all day long! LOL! Happy grazing!!


Sometimes I would poke through both sides.. Leaving me a sad little boy with no drink at lunch...Capri Sun had to be different they couldn't just go with a regular juice box setup.


I used to bite the tops of Flavor-Ice off with my teeth instead of cutting them. Sometimes I would laugh at my friends when they went to the kitchen to grab scissors.