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Smartest Way to Program Training Only Sat, Sun, Mon?

Hey guys

I need some advice on how to program my new split. Currently was running a LPP 4-6 Days a week with alternating every training (example: Legs A with focus on quads, Legs B with focus on Hams, and so on).
The excersises had some strength components and Hypertrophy components divided in HIT and Progressive overload.
My only cardio was walking and playing with my dog.

Cause now i have a new work schedule and only be abel to train on saturday, sunday and twice on monday.

The rest of the week i can maybe sneak in some 20-30mins or so.

What is a smart way to train? is maybe a Push Pull better? Compounds on sat and sun, accessories on Monday? Maybe you had some similar situations where you handeled well.

The main goal is not gaining strength but more maintain my strength and hypertrophy.

Thx for any advice and sorry for my bad english


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SATURDAY - Full Body
SUNDAY - Upper
MONDAY - Lower

You’ll hit everything twice in 3 days.

Then rest of week just get in conditioning and BW work if you can.

what about your, intensitiy, volume. if i train like FB/U/L, sat strength, sun & mon HIT hypertrophy?

HIT cause 6 days off till i train the muscle again.

Is this the smasrtest way?

Approaches above will work.

Another option could even just do a tough 2 day program, just sat and mon…

Also if get very organised 20 mins a day can work decently…

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very good articles, definetly something to use.

I don’t think HIT means what you think it means. Just hit the weight hard and heavy. I like isdatnuttys FB/U/L idea

HIT means for me High Intensity Training. What i mean is a Doryan yates style Training. Low volume but going to failure. You can calling it also Mike Mentzer style

I could be wrong, but I don’t think low volume on top of low frequency would be enough of a training stimulus. If you’re gonna be taking four days off in a row every week, you should pile up a decent amount of volume on the days that you lift

i was also thinking about doin GVT cause theres a lot of volume. PLus i have enought time to recover from that beating, but i dont know if training the same muscle twice in 3 days with GVT is to much. Cause the program do no recomend that