"Smartest Way to Do Circuit Training", Rest Periods

Gday CT, Loving your quality articles and training programs. My question relates to the the smartest way to do circuit training article. In the article you outline a rest period of 60-45-30 second rest period between exercises depending on level of the athlete. My question is what is the rest period at the end of the last exercise the pull variation? Is it simply the same rest period you’ve been using between exercises for example 30 seconds for advanced trainee and then go back to the start wit the squat variation or do you rest 2mins to allow for recovery between sets. Our insights are much appreciated. Thanks mate!

can you link the article please mate

Same rest period if you can handle it… which is why the order of the exercises is important otherwise there will be too much crossover fatigue

CT - is this updated from ‘Built for Bad: Strength Circuits’ or would you say this is a separate protocol to use another time? Obviously I noticed reps are higher in ‘The Smartest Way to do Circuit Training’

Curious which you’d suggest as more effective.