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Smartbulldog Has Passed Away



I regret to inform you all the Smartbulldog, my Fiance', has passed away of a heart attack.

There are no safe "extras" to take. Please heed that. No "safe" ways, nothing of the sort.

Except for vitamins and diet, please do not take anything else.

This was the most sweet, kind, intelligent man in the world, and he thought certain things were, "safe".

If his death can save even one person, just one, I wont have to live thinking it was for nothing.

Thank you for listening...

Blue One


what caused his heart attack


same guy?


Maybe the strangest post I have seen here in the last 3 years.

Not quite sure what to think, I suppose I give my condolences.


So very sorry about your loss BlueOne. May he forever rest in peace.


I have the same question. I am sorry for your loss as it is truly terrible, but I do not think that his "extras", as you put it, were the only cause for his death.


check the link I posted


Sorry to hear about your loss. Bless you for making an effort to inform and pass along your words to us. Hopefully any responses will be respectful. Thanks again for your message. My prayers are with you at this time.


I'm sorry for your loss. RIP


Going through the mood swings and those sorts of things made for much confusion. Once I found out what was really going on, I stayed with him and tried to help him. I loved him beyond reason.

The effects of usage contributed directly to his death. They also contributed to his odd behaviour at times. These are not my assumptions, but the findings of the Coroner.

I am sorry if some find this post odd, that was never my intent. He was a wonderful person, so to think I am saying otherwise is also not my intent. To judge others for what they do or do not do is also not my intent. Only to warn and inform. That was all.

He wished he had never started, and I know he would wish to help others never start. I am only honouring him.

Peace to you all,



Of all the times to say something stupid.....


Let me start by saying that I am sorry for your loss.

Now, did you know that 1,260,000 people suffer heart attacks per year? How can you so certainly state that his usage was the sole cause a condition that is only slightly less common in America than the flu? I'm sure he had eaten more cheeseburgers in his lifetime than he had taken injections. Certainly there were no other lifestyle factors or preexisting conditions that may have contributed to an equal or even greater degree?

While it is true that long term abuse of anabolic steroids can contribute to heart disease, are you truly qualified to declare that moderate, responsible usage by adults cannot be undertaken in a safe manner? I am interested in reading the findings of this coroner, as to my knowledge, there have been ZERO documented deaths attributed directly to steroid usage.

If usage is a lifestyle factor that can contribute to a condition, then that is one thing. It seems, however, that you are directly attributing your fiancee's death to his usage of AAS. This is understandable, as the grieving may oftentimes need to associate blame directly to one source rather than understanding that circumstances and hundreds of thousands of individual actions contributed to the death.

It is entirely likely that your fiancee knew the risks associated with what he was getting involved in and chose to continue in spite of those risks. I doubt that he would tell you anything about what he was doing other than that it was entirely safe, simply for the sake of stability. At this point, there is enough information about AAS readily available that no one has an excuse for being an uninformed user.

Before trolls like slimthugger attack me for being insensitive (as they invariably will since they care neither for reason nor the feelings of the grieving, but only for the advancement of their draconian prohibitionist platform), let me again express my condolences.

However, grief offers no justification for the propagating of half truths or pseudoscience.




This is NOT the time for dick measuring. Somebody is dead. Leave it alone. Express sorrow and move on. It is very insensitive. Expected.


Stupid eh ?

I offer my condolences, I just was caught off guard when someones announced the death of their loved one on a bodybuilding forum. But I suppose some people on here might have known him and wondered why he hadn't posted.

Sorry for your loss.


Oh please, are you really THAT pathetic? The internet is not a place for grieving. This has nothing to do with dick measuring, this is about what is true and what is not. I expressed my sincere condolences at the beginning and end of my post. She has an agenda in posting this and the only reason you are ok with it is because it is in alignment with your own. That makes you the insensitive one.


Sorry for your loss... from his posts he sounded like a real cool guy...

And when posting on a bodybuilding forum about substance usage, you kinda' know what to expect.

When someone leaves us, it's really hard to let them go without having a reason, a solid explanation as to how or why they had to leave. My father was in a mountain biking accident, fell off a cliff while riding alone. And for the longest time I would play these scenario's out in my head of who had killed him, who could have pushed him off the cliff; because there was no way he just fell off, he was an expert mountain biker. I assumed a few of his close friends had done it, each with different motives of a tragic love affair gone wrong or a position of power to gain. But in the end it was just a tragic accident...

I hope you find peace, in time.


best troll eva


Someone dies and all you care about is defending a point. Shameful. Again, expected.


Wow. I always feel sorry for anyone's loss. Sadly though, and you see this whenever a parent, or loved one needs something to blame, certain things that have a stigma attached to them get the blame. I don't want to sound like an ass here, but I've had tons of friends, and known hundred of acquaintances who have used 'substances' (as it was put I believe) and never had any mood swings or any types of bad reactions.

When you do hear of someone dying, there's usually a pre-existing condition, or some other 'substance' besides the AAS that was really a trigger. Having hung around with DRs who use, and will go on and on about not a single study actually linking anything negative to use, I am somewhat troubled by a 'coroner' who was well versed enough to draw such a conclusion.

I had an old friend who was on stuff for about 16 years, never off. He died a few years ago, and while I tell my students that it was because of his 'use', in actuality he had developed a serious habit of Meth, Nubain, and all sorts of other non-ASS habits just from hanging with the lovely crowd he fell into (I don't tell that to my students though, I have to appear to be in agreement with the media).

Again, I am truly sorry for your loss, I just wanted to voice my true thoughts.