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Smart Way Around Insufficient Weights?


I'm getting back in shape using my "shack-made" gym. In two months I'm moving abroad so i don't feel like investing much in new gear so I'm limited to two big construction buckets filled with stones, selfmade bench and things like that. I;ve come to a point where this weight is not enought for main lifts. I'm differenting tempo, time under preassure, trying to add more demanding exercises. What would you recomend? Buying new, bigger buckets or doing what I'm doing for next 2 months? I'm worried that I will miss my "neewbie" gains window.


You could always pre-exhaust with smaller movements before you move onto bigger ones, examples:

Flys before bench, front raises before OHP, pull-overs before rows etc.

Also, with regards the ‘newbie gains window’ thing, as long as you are still putting up ‘newbie weights’ you are still a newbie, so no need for concern there.


I’m also only a beginner but had some pretty good results working on bodyweight progressions - using a push/pull/squat/core type formula - while waiting to get hold of some more weight.

In fact, even with more weight available I still do the bodyweight stuff and am thinking of getting a weight vest or something when I eventually top out on the progressions.

All the best.


… if I could just add that there are some good bodyweight exercise progression guides on the internet.