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Smart Meters - What is Your Experience?


Has anyone here got a smart meter installed in their house?
We're getting them rolled out in Australia and I've been reading some alarming things about them - potential surveillance devices, settring off fires in America, etc.
I won't go into huge detail here.
Can anyone tell me their experiences? Did anyone find them beneficial, or a waste of time money and energy?
Any signs of intrusion, inefficiency etc by the electric company and installers?

So far I'm not optimistic but any feedback greatly appreciated.


I have not heard about the potential surveillance or fires setting off. But what I have heard and what matters the most is that bills magically rise right after installation.


They are horrible.

If the government feels that you use too much energy, they can shut down some of your usage, which means you can't wash dishes or do laundry, or take a shower when you want. Fuck them !