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Smart & Efficient Bodyweight only training ( MRT + HIIT + Conncurrent )


Hello T-Nation and Experts and Fans

I am an casual bodyweight workout practioner at home. I am not a health specialist as such and I cannot afford gym membership.
Much of the below information I use is based on suggestions provided by Turbulance Training(MRT + Bodyweight) + Mike Change(HIIT + Bodyweight).

My current stats are:
Height: 178cms
Weigth: 90kgs
Waist: 1.1 metres
Hips : 36 inches
Diet: Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian

The central problem is that my weight is not reducing, as it seems to be plateud/plataeu.

My current bodyweight routine I can do is as follows:
1. Air Squats(must)
2. Hindu Squats(can)
3. Standard Pushups(must)
4. Hindu Pushups(can)
5. Optional Lunges
6. Optional Australian Pushups/ Reverse Pushups (Pushups against gravity)
7. Struggling to do single chinups and pullups
8. Pseudo Plank Pushup
-- Conditioning/ Cardio --
1. Mountain Climbers
2. Jumping Jacks/ Star Jumps
3. Burpees
4. High Knees/ Jumping in Place/ Military Jumps ( Jumping and touching my knee caps)

I use the following cardio and strength routine here:
1. 10 reps X 10 rounds/sets.

I am doing an experiment where I combine cardio and strength together as mentioned below.

Design 1 - total of 5 to 10 rounds
1. 10x reps of Jumping Jacks
2. 10x reps of Mountain climbers
3. 10x reps of Burpees
4. 10x reps of High Knees
5. 10x of 1 x Squats --> 1 x Pushup(any)
6. 5x reps(on each leg) of combined 1 x Reverse --> 1x Forward Lunges

I feel obese and have no intention of getting jacked. I just wanted to get rid of my stomach fat and reduce my hip size to 34 inches.
And also optionally get an six pack if possible.

Am I doing too much?




This whole routine is bullshit, which is not surprising since it probably comes directly from Mike Chang, who is pretty much a con man disguised as a fitness expert. If you want good advice on bodyweight training, look up Ross Enamait, Al KAvadlo and Paul Wade. If you want to lose weight, eat less food in general and make more of it vegetables.


I am not against Mike Chang's program.

But you are not fairly is not providing a solution to my original problem.

I have checked out BarBrothers,Barstarzz, Elliot Hulse for more revision. The pattern is that all of experts all recommend the same thing..pretty much.

The crux of my question is when does the BMR remain the same but the fat loss rate increase.


This feels like a massive amount of horseshit volume for no reason.

I feel the purpose of strength training on a cut is to do the least amount possible to maintain, or even gain, strength. The weight loss will come from the kitchen and potentially any cardio that you do (which should be very high intensity or very low intensity).

That being said: what exactly did you eat yesterday?


Like the guys have said, your nutrition should be the first place you look. A lot of the time, vegetarians end up eating a higher carb diet (lots more beans, grains, and potatoes) that's more calorie-dense than they realize. Monitor that and make sure you're getting plenty of quality protein and healthy fats, not just a ton of carbs. At least the protein shouldn't be a problem since you can have dairy and eggs.

You're actually doing too much and not enough simultaneously. That's an achievement.

I don't know how often you were doing that wild routine, but it's too much nonsense and not enough good hard work.

If you really can't afford a gym membership and buy a basic barbell setup isn't an option, I'd much rather see you sprint three or four days a week plus some basic hard bodyweight stuff (any variations that challenge you enough to stick a low to moderate-rep range) three or four days a week.

For reference, how many basic push-ups, deep air squats, and pull-ups can you do right now?


This makes no sense.


I don't know a single person you're getting your BW routine advices from.

Do yourself a favor and grab the GymnasticBodies Foundation and Handstand series by Coach Sommer.


Save up and buy a kettlebell. Just a 16 kg/35 lbs will do just fine for about six months. Learn how to swing, press and clean properly. That'll take care of your training.

I don't know much about diet beyond the basics so I can't help with that.


I'd add to the above post, to save up a bit more, and also buy olympic rings and running/sprinting shoes


I think I have found the solution to my Bodyweight problem.

The answer was really on youtube by a user called getlean12.

Thanks for your insights though.



May I sell you a bridge?