Smart Drugs

Not sure where to post this, so I’ll try here. Anybody here into smart drugs (nootropics)? I had some good experiences with Piracetam (Nootropil) a couple of years ago. I’m interested in delving a little deeper. I have a couple of books “Smart Drugs” 1 & 2 by Dean/Morgenthaler/Fowkes, I’m just wondering if this is still the current thinking, and where to turn for more current information. Any suggestions for books, websites, or recommended substances are welcome. Oh yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I currently have good results with Tyrosine and DMAE. But I’d like to expand into some other options, and maybe mix things up a little. Thanks in advance.

OK, first disclaimer, I’m not a Biotest staffer, nor am I a person who will always promote biotest above anything and everything. That said, dollar for dollar, Powerdrive is the best smart drug/suppliment out there. I’ve messed with a lot of the smart drugs, with my favorite combination being pramiracetam (a piracetam chemical cousin)/hydergine/pikamilone. But you get into that and you’re talking quite a bit of money. Give powerdrive a shot, one dose per day should last a month per jar and will generally cost less than $25 if you shop around. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to share my experiences with nootropics if you want to spend the extra money.

I agree that Powerdrive is great and Charles Poliquin recently told me about a nootropic that is over the counter called Vincopetine that works well.

Vinpocetine is good stuff…I got started on it about a year ago when coming off an extended E/C cycle. I stacked it w. Power Drive before workouts and it worked quite well.

I took Piracetam a few years ago for a few months. I loved the way it made my mind work. Also, as a side note, it gave me very vivid dreams. It was as if my mind was always working. If taken long enough, it’s supposed to increase the communication between the left and right sides of your brain; I believe it does this by increasing the blood vessels between both areas of the brain.