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Smart Drugs for Increased Focus?

I know many have used ritalin for getting an edge in studying or taking major tests because it increases one’s focus. However, I was wondering if anyone has used or has working knowledge of the following smart drugs: aderol, vasopressin, and nootropil. I am really intersted in the aderol as I have heard it increases focus like mad! These could definitely increase the quality of one’s training if they pan out. Thanks for all replies.

Never had any experience with those particular drugs. However, Ritalin and Power Drive do wonders for my test taking. I totally bombed the ACT’s the first time I took them… scored an 18! The second time, I got a whopping 31! Granted, I did study a little harder for my second test, but I absolutely know that those 2 substances made significant improvements in my test taking abilities. Hope this helps…

Nootropil is the brand name for the drug ‘Piracetam’…works pretty good, but has to be ordered overseas. I got mine through a website called nubrain. Piracetam is supposed to be a central nervous system stimulant, enhance communication between the left and right brain hemispheres, and supposedly increase some type of receptors in the brain (?).

I take Adderall to help me study. I took it too late one night and I ended up studing all night. So I went to the gym on it and I had an ok work out. I have had better ones on pwr drv.
Just my 2c.

maclar: Have you taken the piracetam personally and if so what is your take on it. The name of the site is nubrain, correct?

Ripped: Is there anything else you can tell me about your experiences with aderol? Overrated or worth it for increased focus?

I’ve had good results with piracitam (nootropil). Increased focus moderately with
no side effects. Vasopression slightly
increased my focus, but caused strange side
effects. No experience with aderol. If your
intended purpose is to increase training
focus, of the three you list I would go with
the Nootropil. However there are other smart
drugs & nutrients that work better for me

Yes, I’ve taken it personally, and had the best semester of my life at college while taking 2400 mg. daily. Ya, the website is nubrain, but I’m sure there are numerous websites that sell it. If I were you, I would buy the minimum required by the website, and try it at different dosages as I have read that people take more than 2400 mg. daily. Also, it is supposedly enhanced by ingesting choline and/or DMAE along with it. I take PowerDrive daily, and the combo must be helping as I’m more focused now than without it. I was not taking Powerdrive daily when I started piracetam, so I know the drug does have positive effects on cerebral metabolism. Hope that helps!

Free Extropian: What other smart drugs and/or nutrients work better for you personally?

Try Brain Lightning. It gives an overall feeling of well-being. Increased short and long-term memory. Increased mental energy and sharpness. This stuff kicks ass! Here’s the ingredients:
Brain Lightning™ is a proprietary, synergistic blend of Huperzine A,Vinpocetine, Trimethylglycine (TMG), DL Phenylalanine (DLPA), GABA, DMAE, L-Tyrosine, Gingko Biloba, Pregnenolone, supported by Magnesium, Thiamin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine 5 Phosphate), Niacin (non-flushing, as niacinamide), Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin and Selenium (as selenium chelate).
Just do a look-up on your favorite search engine and you’ll find tons of links for it.

Are Piracetam and Deprenyl legal to possess without a script? Most internet companies selling them cheap are in the UK. I found 60 800 mg tabs for 11.40.

Is any of this stuff legal in the U.S.? Also, are any relatively safe?
Another question…Anyone feel any really noticeable increased focus on the Powerdrive? I’ve been interested, but have been skeptical. The bottle of EAS Neurogain left a bad taste in my mouth (literally) and was about as effective as HMB.

Ya know…I have no idea if they’re legal! The drugs that come from overseas are drugs that the FDA have not approved for distribution here in the U.S. There must be a legal loophole to get them though, because I got piracetam, and nobody arrested me! Maybe they are illegal to manufacture in the U.S., but legal to import? I definitely notice a difference with Powerdrive, I think it is mostly the L-tyrosine though…EAS’s Neurogain does taste nasty, probably from the St.John’s Wort. Powerdrive has gingko, and doesn’t leave that nasty taste. Brooklyn Mike, order Powerdrive from nutripeak, it’s only like $20 a bottle. Or if you order it from Biotest, and don’t get results, you can return it for a refund.

Yes they are legal to possess without a script. It is legal to import a 90 day supply of any nonscheduled drug into the country for personal use. CR, where did you find Piracetam at that price? That’s about 50 cents per day! Seems too good to be true.

Thanks for the answers guys. Maclar, I went to Nutripeak. Try out DPSnutrition. You’ll get your Biotest products even cheaper. Plus, they have good service. If I order today, its here by 4 pm the next day.

I did some research and John is correct, they are not approved by the FDA, but that doesn’t make them illegal and you can get a 3 month supply from overseas.

John, earch Yahoo with Piracetam (Nootropyl). Its a UK site called Truways (Baby blue background), but the name is not in the URL. 11.40 British, maybe the currency value isn’t equal to US?

Anyone let me know if it isn’t and if you find other cheap sites. They sell other iteams as well, like Viagra, Procsar, etc. This is all new to me, but I gather you probably wouldn’t want to go on a shopping spree!

I think that once you’ve tapped out all other resources (diet, trianing and supp’s) and don’t want to use illegal drugs, these compounds may be viable alternatives, since we all know the nervous system plays a vital role in the adaptation process.

I take adderall for ADD. Its great for me – but I have a real reason for using it. BTW, I’ve never heard of “aderol”, do you mean adderall?

Racer: You don’t have to get exotic for brain
enhancing effects. Try choline (various forms), tyrosine, caffeine, glutamine (yes!
glutamine is critical for enhanced focus
because it converts to the neurotransmitter
glutamic acid - which is the key neurotransmitter for storing memories in the
hippocampal region of the brain.). Also try pregnenolone and DHEA (really). Bodybuilders bash these hormones cause “they don’t make them huge like that T stuff.” But that is not what these hormones do. They are very effective at increasing mental focus and mood. My livlihood depends on being able to have long hours of intense mental focus, so I have experimented extensively on this. My favorite stack is to take the following 4-5 times per day:








Adjust the dosages for your personal needs as everyone is different. This stack is very
effective - and relatively inexpensive. BTW -
androgens can also greatly increase mental
focus. And Ritalin is bad news because extended use can cause dependency and brain damage. Some people also get good benefits from hydergine, ginko and DMAE, but these tend to screw me up personally. Some people also
get increased mental focus from aceytl-L-carnatine (SP?), but it is quite
expensive, and I didn’t notice much from it
other than a slight increase in energy. Also, if you are going to use piracitam, I would recomend also taking choline as these are very synergistic. Hope that helps.

Try Reboxetine (Edronax), sold at som UK sites! Reboxetine really helps me out!

Free Extropian: I am currently taking (daily) 250mg of Citicoline, 150mg of Choline, 150mg of DMAE, 50mg of Phosphatidyl Serine, 25mg of Pregnenolone, and 15mg of Vinpocetine. On workout days I get even more with the addition of my pre-workout serving of PowerDrive coupled with 1-2 MD-6 and extra caffeine. So what do you think? Am I lacking anywhere and if so what is your recommendation?

Also, has anyone ever heard of the Indian Ayuvrvedic herb Bacopa Monniera? It has been touted for its memory-enhancing and revitalizing effects.

Brendan: It is indeed adderall I am referring to and not “aderol” as previously posted. My mistake.