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Smart Choices for Cars


A look at what we'll be driving soon lol.


It's hard to see from this angle-- where do you wind it up?


I've seen a lot of those around. They're cool if you only drive around town. Owning that truck if you don't need to haul shit or go off road is ridiculous.


Those would definitely be useful in a city, but I just couldn't get bast the self-righteous names they usually have (fit, smart, etc.) That South Park episode about hybrids was dead on.


I've seen a bunch of those in Denver. I thought about getting one for commuting - cheap and easy to park. Of course, I'll still drive the SUV if there's a chance of snow.

But, I tend to rely on other drivers seeing me and knowing better than to hit me. :wink:




Smaudi A3 AWD




THe Smorsche!!!!


The Smorsche Targa (LOL)





People routinely drive those things ON THE HIGHWAY in Canada. This is with 18-wheelers flying by at 80 miles an hour, teenagers in beaters passing recklessly while playing with their IPODS, and various windy and snowy situations. It's the other drivers I don't trust...


Yes, because the laws of physics play nice with such smaller cars...

Unless EVERYONE is driving the same damn SMART car, they are the most unsafe vehicles on the road.

Imagine the guy you sell that truck to hitting some poor soul in a SMART car. They should rename them to MRST cuz driving one amongst such larger vehicles is not exactly the brightest idea.

Good luck, anyway.


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I like the idea of those cars and would have no problem driving one. To hell what anyone else thinks. The only real issue though is safety. As mentioned, you get T-boned in one of those things and you can kiss your ass goodbye.


Yeah, with the freeways in our area, no thanks. If I just confined this to in-town driving, then I'm sure it would be fine.


I'd rather be riding my motorcycle. At least on that you can bail out.


the general idea is that everyone will be driving these minis. Someday.


A smart car that everyone looks stupid driving.


From what I hear they are pretty safe, the frame is supposed to titanium. I wouldn't want to risk driving one but around town it'd be nice.