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Smart Balance Fats


Does anyone use Smart Balnce Brand Products? they seem like a good alternative to traditional products.

Are these fats conducive to bodybuilding?


You ask a question and then expect us to do the work to find an answer. LIl help Bro.

It would be helpfull to list the fats, ingredients etc.

other that that if they arent trans fats they have a place in your diet and are good. Im the right amounts and in moderation. Like everything.


Since I'm bored at work right now, I'll help ya out...

The light stuff that I found is mostly an "oil blend" of palm fruit, soybean, canola seed, flax seed, and olive oils. This with various emulsifiers, salt, water, etc.

Don't know about the soy, bad or good?


I asked Dave Barr about soybean oil the other day. He said it doesn't have the estrogenic effects soy isoflavones or other soy products have.


I use this stuff too, as well as Benecol, which to my knowledge is good as well. Can anyone agree or disagree?

Benecol is pretty soft even at refridgerator temp. I think it has mostly olive oil.


Sorry, I didn't list the ingredients before, here you go;

natural oil blend(palm fruit, soybean, canola seed and olive oils)


Honestly it doesnt look bad though for what you are getting it is most likely WAY over priced.

I think you would be better just getting a good Virgin olive oil then also supplement your diet by eating various nuts, avacadoes, coconut, flax, fish and fish oils.

Also Palm and Soy bean being first, while not bad per say, they are not the best and will be in highets quantity. you can buy these CHEAP if you want them

Hope that helps and that I didnt come off like an A^% Hole in the first post,


I am confused about "Palm Fruit Oil". I have never seen this oil in any other product. Is it diffeent from the Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil found in most protein bars? Does it have some "magical" cholesterol lowering capabilities.


Check this out guys, from www.palmoilworld.com:

[i]Palm Oil is also known as palm fruit oil. It is an expeller-pressed food oil obtained from sun-basked fresh fruit bunches of the non-GM (genetically modified) oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Virgin palm oil is rich in carotenoids (pro Vitamin A), tocotrienols and tocopherols (Vitamin E). Like all vegetable oils - it is cholesterol-free. Furthermore, it contains no trans fatty acids.

Palm oil is not to be confused with palm kernel oil and coconut oil. They are nutritionally, compositionally and functionally distinct.

Palm oil contains palmitic acid (a fatty acid made by your body), the monounsaturated oleic acid, polyunsaturated linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) and stearic acid. The typical blend in palm oil is 45% palmitic, 40% oleic, 10% linoleic and 5% stearic. Palm oil's naturally balanced fatty acid composition offers food manufacturers greater latitude to formulate hydrogenated fat-free and trans fat-free products.

I eat the stuff on occasion, though I am kinda wary about a naturally occuring, plant based semi-saturated fat. Seems weird to me, but meh. Regarding price, here in I-Dee-Ho, it's only slightly more expensive than margerine. It's less expensive than the sweet cream butter I get at the farmer's market.


What ever happened to good old fashioned Butter? I use butter more than ever, but I guess Smart balance and Olivio are healthier alternatives. With that said Olivio has a better flavor and is creamier than Smart Balance.


Joebob, long time no see bro! You have to remember that most people on these boards don't consume the massive amount of butter/bacon/oils etc. that we do on the AD, Ha Ha Ha. Speaking of butter, just got back from my weekly run to the farmer's market, where $5 will buy you a plastic tub filled with butter that was milk a few hours ago. If you have one close by, I advise you to try this.


OK didnt know this smart balance crap is a butter alternative as well. One thing to rememnber that to make these polys and monos solid at room temp they more than not trans form them thorugh bombarding them with hydrogen. So they turn these GOOD fats into, honestly the only bad fats, Trans fat. Being the only fats we should avoid likle the plague.

Just a heads up.