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Smallville Season Finale


Anyone see this? Just watched it and I for one am going to miss it. Tom Welling really grew into the role, imo.


no. never.


ya, i do watch it, but honestly, when the guy who played lex luthor left, the show was never the same. he was the perfect fit for that role. he made the whole show. so did John Schneider. the guy who played johnathan Kent. he was good in that role.


I was into for a few seasons, but I grew kinda tired of it after a while. I can't believe it made it 10 seasons. It sucked for a long while


Do you see him in his Superman costume?


Yea, the show had its ups and downs, I missed a ton of it but wanted to see how they ended the show. I definitely missed Michael Rosenbaum, John Schneider, etc. But they brought them all back for the series finale and yes, he does fly, he wears the suit, and they even play the hell out of the Superman theme song. The end is pretty legit Superman with nerdy Clark Kent, photog Jimmy Olsen, Boss Perry White, Lex is president, Lois is all female bad ass, and Superman saving the day. Regardless of where the show went, its kind of sad to not see where it could go from there.



I found this too. I never watched the show, but I'm assuming that the voice he heard was Jor-El's, and it sounded to me like Terrence Stamp! Was it him?


No its this dude http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001696/


oh, that's good....it would've been weird to have Zod play Jor-el.


In for a Hawkman spin-off series.


Briefly and not ever really in a full body shot... most of it was CGI.


That wasn't Jimmy Olsen... Jimmy died a few seasons back, shortly after Watchtower was established. If you watch again, Lois tells him "Your brother left you some big shoes to fill." And per the show's opening credits, Terrance Stamp is the voice of Jor-El.


I'd rather a whole JSA spin off, but the JSA as established by Johns, the older generation finding and training the newer ones.


That would work better actually. I just thought that Michael Shanks did a hell of a job playing Hawkman (totally different from his role on Stargate) and he could carry a series on his own instead of being part of an ensemble (although being part of that ensemble provided some of the best moments)...

Plus, a Hawkman solo series has thousands of years to fall back on for character development, villains, sub plot. Done in the style of the first Highlander movie, in flashback, there's huge potential there.


Jimmy's little brother is named James.... goes by Jimmy.


EDIT for the double post.

I kinda wished they'd actually shown some decent shots of him in the costume, and not the fleeting CGI.

Also, why did they wait 7 years to get married?


I actually started a Hawkman script, but has since stopped, that borrowed heavily from Highlander and Indiana Jones. Basically the begining being anciant Egypt starship crash, start opening comic credits, forward to the 30's Carter Hall finds a lost tomb in Egypt and blam he begins to remember he is a reincarnated prince.
Hawkman is perhaps the best character that could be adapted to the small or big screen especially after Johns had a chance to rewrite him and fix his history.


Seriously. Do it. Do it:


I loved the show until Lex left...and even after he left, some of the shows did maintain that "feeling" of the first few seasons.

The success in this is the creation of a viable Lex character that I honestly would have loved to see added into the comics. Rosenbaum was the best thing that show had going for it.

Other than that, the way they presented the Kents was epic. the father couldn't have been better at that role and using the original "Lana Lang" from the movies for the mother was a perfect choice.

I will miss the good shows....and will still beat them over the head for the bad ones.

But overall, for ten years...they did it right more than they did it wrong.

I will miss it.