Smallstrong's Getting Stronger!

Hello to you all in the over 35’s…

I’m Emma and I’m a 35yo (36 in sept) female. BW 45.6kg, height 158cm.

I started a intro thread 5 months ago in the beginners section and diasappeared after i descended into a miserable dark hole that i thought i would never come out of…but, with a little bit of help from some medication and setting some lifting goals, seeing them thru and achieveing them…I have been feeling much much more my old self in the last 5 weeks…i recently updated the old thread with some vids of my deadlift…

but a quick summary would be that i entered my first deadlift comp this sunday just passed and lifted 105kg, beat my old PB by 5kg in 5 weeks of training and won…thru adding an additional coach to my training routine with more of a powerlifting focus, I have gained so much more confidence in all of my training and it rolls over into other parts of life…i direct my training at the gym now rather than be just a partcipant…this week i headed back to work after being off on leave for 8 months getting ‘well’…

anyways…looking forward not backwards…behind me there is a hole and i’m not planning on falling back into it…onwards and upwards from here…

Here are my last two training reports to get this diary started…i look forward to sharing your journeys and i hope that you will enjoy sharing mine…

Training Report (PTC) Monday 15th August

50kg for 5 sets of 3…

got my 3 x 8 at 30kg…the last 2 reps did not beat me this time…lucky or i would have been annoyed…

Some GHR’s…making me control the negative till im parallel with the floor…had to break my hips to get up…bloody hard not to…

Some KB rows…hmmm…memory lapse here…maybe 14kg?? maybe 16??

And a long bridge…we didnt time it but coach said it was bout 2 and a half mins…my very low abs hurt after that…

Talked a bit with coach about where to from here…the Big Bench in Paradise Competition in Oct is where to i reckon…i would like to pause 40kg…i would piss my pants with excitement if i reach 42.5kg…hmmm…40 will do i spose…lol…

Training Report (Gym)Tuesday 16th August

cable rows 25kg 3 sets o 8 with bloody wide grip bar thing that made it harder.

lat pull downs 50kg x 8, 3 sets

just a little bench
35kg x 5,3 sets, making sure not doing this little push up an inch before drawing the bar down…bad habbit that coach pointed out yesterday and now im aware of it, i realise i do it all the time…my trainer put his hand over the top of the bar so i couldnt do it unless i pushed against him as well…

bar x 8
22.5 x 8, 2 sets…and my trainer pointed out that i do that same little push upy thing at the top of the ohp as well…nasty little habbits that need to change…

Good session this morning, im a bit worked from the weekends comp and squats yesterday…more worked than i realise until i start training…my left hip is a bit sore…rest day tomorrow, gym thursday/friday and PTC again Saturday…life is good.

woo hoo, you decided to start a log! i’ll be sure to follow along.

Welcome Smallstrong.

I’m glad to follow along. It’s always nice to see another woman over here.

Welcome to old lifters paradise.

Glad you made it over here…welcome…

[quote]JoeGood wrote:
Welcome to old lifters paradise.[/quote]

We actually prefer to call ourselves “experienced and mature”…



Welcome aboard!

[quote]atypical1 wrote:

[quote]JoeGood wrote:
Welcome to old lifters paradise.[/quote]

We actually prefer to call ourselves “experienced and mature”…



I thought it was “wheezing geezers” . . .

Welcome Emma, congrats on climbing out of your hole.

Hello Smallstrong.

I weighed exactly your weight when I got married. I’m heavier now (compete at 50 kg) and have 11 years on you. How tall are you? So much fun to have another small female in the compound. You’ll find that this is a very supportive forum.

You have a phenomenal raw DL for your size. I watched your vids and have some form feedback when you want to hear it. Posting vids will get you a lot of feedback and opportunities for improvement.

Glad you are out of the dark hole. Many of us have been there at some point . . .

[quote]atypical1 wrote:

[quote]JoeGood wrote:
Welcome to old lifters paradise.[/quote]

We actually prefer to call ourselves “experienced and mature”…



In all honesty I refer to myself as “a god among men” but that really isn’t humble enough for a first time greeting.

[quote]JoeGood wrote:

[quote]atypical1 wrote:

[quote]JoeGood wrote:
Welcome to old lifters paradise.[/quote]

We actually prefer to call ourselves “experienced and mature”…



In all honesty I refer to myself as “a god among men” but that really isn’t humble enough for a first time greeting.[/quote]

You mean this kind of god?

Welcome. Have a seat and stay for awhile.


The only old people here are those that think of themselves as old.

Welcome small strong, great to have another female over here and a powerlifter as well!

Thankyou so much for the really warm welcome…
kpsnap, I am 158cm tall.

Here is that deadlift from the comp again, only this time side on…the upper back roll/pull forward, as you will note is still present…just gotta work on upper back strength to see that improve…rows…lots of rows…

Training Report today at Gym

Squats 45kg x 5, 3 sets

Leg Press - high and wide
130kg x 5, 3 sets

Face down leg curls
30kg x 5, 3 sets

Lunges on the spot
10kg DB x 8, 3 sets

Thats all…short and sweet…lol…just like me…

Happy with life…

Smallstrong, that’s impressive weight you’re pulling. Good stuff. Comment: your setup is perfect, arched back, hips down . . . then suddenly your back jumped up and rounded just as you lifted. Eeek! If you can keep your back arched and hips down just as you lift, you’ll be golden.

Thanks for the feedback Cavalier…all feedback and thoughts are much appreciated…

Now that i have spent some time looking at the side view of this lift…i see exactly what you are saying…hips popped up too fast, led the lift with my thoracic spine almost, didnt take the tension thru the shoulders properly and therefore they ended up slighlty in front of the bar and pulled forward…
i am really weak in the upper back as compared to my lower back which my coach says is ‘ridiculously’ stong…

I was pondering this last night…i know i will be limited by lifting like this and as the weight gets heavier it will pose more risk of injury but this is really a comfortable way to lift for me…it feels really safe and tight when im in the lift even thou it doesnt look it…it feels very natural…
i know it has to change cause i want to be doing this for a long time, and if i keep lifting like that, i might not get the chance…

The plan is to take the weight right back to under 80kg and go back to sets of perfect reps, the upper back doesnt roll forward until we pass bout 80kg, apparently my first lift at the comp of 87.5kg was perfect, havent seen it thou…the 97.5 and the 105 looked virtually identical so im told…

I love deadlifting…it makes me feel…STRONG!

You may be stronger than you think if that particular form feels natural. Once you’ve got the right form down, you may be surprised by the weights you can move.

You have the right plan, take the weight down and work on form. Don’t worry if you have to go down to just one plate on each end.

I looked at your vid a few times. Actually there was nothing wrong with the position of your hips when you start the pull. But they start too low (you don’t want to squat the weight off the floor) and then come up to where they should be when you start the DL. Better just to start there.

I agree with Cav that you should watch your lower back tightness to avoid injury. Good mornings, back raise, stiff leg DLs and a list of other movements will help get your erectors strong.

That is the most upper back rounding I have seen. I’m not sure if that is an injury waiting to happen or not. There are others on here with much more experience. But keeping your upper back relaxed to a degree does mean a shorter distance that the bar needs travel.