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Smallstrong Saying Hello


Hi, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say a formal and respectful hello before I do any posting round here.
My mission is weight gain, my method is weight training and food. I have always been small (less than 46kg) and after some life drama and stress in the past few years, I got really small.
But, now I eat 4000cals a day and 6 months later am 6kg heavier and a whole lot stronger, I'm on my way.

I love training, don't know that I want to do anything formal with it, just enjoy it and the results I'm seeing from it. A 6kg gain on a 40kg body is quite substantial visually and I'm really happy with my progress.

Not done yet though, no way, I want to be at least 50kg and then we shall see from there.
Looking forward to spending more time here.
PS, sorry, next post, I will have the conversions sorted, I promise.


how tall are you? How old are you?

you weighed 90lbs and after 6 months you are up to 103lbs? That is absolutely tiny man. Are you keeping a food log? at the weight of 90lbs you should be packing on weight quickly if you're eating 4,000 cals a day. Either you have an insane metabolism, you're running a damned marathon every day, or you're not eating as many cals as you think lol.

This is a good place to get information. Read a lot before you post. thats how most new posters end up getting flammed. They post the same questions that have been asked and answered hundreds of times. Read away smallstrong... read away :slight_smile:


Hey gregron,
I will do my reading and I will be cautious posting, I've been burnt elsewhere.
I'm 35 and 158cm. Yep, I am tiny. I think it would be a US size 6. Always have been, but now I'm tiny and getting toned instead of just skinny and floppy.
I have kept a food diary for 6 months, I'm eating the cals. No marathons. Been very stressed.
Slowly and consistently gaining and am going to keep on going.


You said a US size 6... size 6 in the US is a woman's size?


Are you a woman?


Sorry, yes, 35 year old female.
I train 4 days per week, 40 mins, no 'intentional' cardio for over 6 months since starting with this trainer. I walk the dogs every few days, I ride my mountain bike once every 4 weeks, outside of my sessions, I do very little in the way of physical activity.
I should clarify that initially, my aim was just to to eat regularly. Then it was to eat over 2500cals per day, I was gaining 200g per week then, that continued for about 3 months.

During that time, my diet gradually shifted from eating 90% of my intake at night, chocolate biscuits, cake with cream, sugar coated cereal, lollies etc to a much healthier 6-7 times per day, meat, pasta, olive and macadamia oils, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, whey etc and increased to over 3500cal on a rest day and 4000cal on a training day. So really, the higher target has only been for around 3 months. I have continued to gain around 200-300g per week despite the increased cals and change in type of food.

I have become a Queen of maximising the cals, without adding too much volume. EG: I add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 of macadamia oil and 1 tablespoon ground linseed/sunflower/almond to my whey shake, adds nothing virtually to the volume or how full I feel but takes the shake up to just over 500 cals, do that twice a day, there is 1000cals.


Maybe this pic will make it easier to see where i'm starting from...
This is at 45.5kg.
I have worked really hard to get this far, heaps of work left to do but least there is plenty of room to hang it, lol.


Can we talk about your method of weight training? How many times per week? What is your typical set/rep scheme? What are your strength stats? (bench press, overhead press, squat, deadlift, and whatever else you wish to throw in)


We can talk about it, no problems. But here's where I have been burnt elsewhere.
When I talk about my training, I want to make clear that these are not competition lifts, they are not 1RM lifts, I haven't tried any. I think they are what you would call 'working sets' maybe???
I need to also say, that I only train with my trainer, and I need to make extremely clear that during squats and bench - his hands are on the bar, he likes to spot that way and i'm not going to tell him to do it any other way. I'm not here to be the strongest, although I have every intention of being strong, I'm not trying to compete with anyone. THis was a big issue in another forum. So if your happy with that, then I'm happy to talk training.

Until this week, I was doing Mon - upper/Tue - lower/Wed - upper/Fri - lower, 40 min sessions

From this week, things have had to change and it has become Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat. I'm still seeing how this will work but I the new plan includes deadlifts which I think will be wednesdays to allow 2 days recovery.
I will have to get back to you on the new plan once its settled in next week.

So examples of me liftwise, non competition, with trainers hands on the bar, all for reps, not 1RM's...

Squat - friday last week 50kg x 10, 60kg x 8, 70kg x 5, 70kg x 6

Bench - I will simply say here that if I bench alone and pause at the bottom of the rep as in competition, I can only bench around 40kg for very few reps. I can handle more than that for reps, no pause with assist. I dont want to debate my bench. It's progressing.

Haven't really done much OHP, do you mean up from the chin, I've done reps from the chin at 30kg, but not for a while.

My other favorite is chins, I love to do chins. I can get 2 sets of 8-10 out at bodyweight no assist, I can do about 4 x unassisted +10kg.

Other common exercises in sessions include - calf raises, seated, standing, rows, machine and DB, lat pull downs, pres downs, leg press (very bad at leg press), leg curls, split squats, DB press, various chest and shoulder press on machines etc. In another forum, this part of my training was all referred to as "fluff". I am hoping that wont be the case here.


I would tell the trainer to take his hands off of the bar unless you need the help. What was the other forum that you went to? It sounds awful.


Lemonman, do we have to have this conversation? I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful but I've copped a shitload of crap already over this, there is so much else that is important and as I am not claiming particular lift 'numbers' or totals, does it have to matter right now? I've just got to stay focused on food and train hard.
An australian body building forum, I misinterpreted ridicule and mockery as encouragement, that's all, my mistake.


smallstrong, last few posts have come across very defensive, and you don't need that around here. NOBODY (at least nobody who actually sticks around) on this site is going to "flame" you for your strength numbers, or size. I think there was some confusion about your weight, since most posters are male. Now if you're numbers haven't improved and your weight hasn't gone up two years from now...that's a different story.

My post was merely intended as a "getting to know you...welcome...where are you at right now?" You sound very motivated and determined from the get go, and for that you will get respect and positive feedback (independent of how strong you are). Fuck that other forum. And for the record, since this is a bodybuilding website, some of the most experienced lifters on here couldn't tell you their "competition" or 1RM, as they train with a bodybuilding focus and focus on improving things like their 5RM. No reason to assume this site is like the other one without giving it a chance.


Thanks for the reminder jskrabac, you are right, will cool it off and relax :slight_smile:
I'm building a new body and making the changes I need to in order to support it, thats the focus...training enables that.


Smallstrong - Welcome! You might want to consider posting over in Powerful Women. A lot of us have logs over there and there are several small fry among us. I think Kimba, Snap, and I are all in the 110 lb range. I'm a newbie as well and just started a log.

Also there are several women who have come out of eating disorders and so forth and are working toward a healthier body image. It's a good place to find support, particularly for women who want to get into lifting more for strength's sake than to be a figure athlete. It's pretty inspiring to see women like Snap who are competing in power lifting competitions, and are really strong for their body weight.

Best of luck on your weight and strength gains.



Thanks for the welcome Puff,I have been lurking over there admiring you powerful women for a few days. I will check out the girls you mention.


Don't be shy. You can start a training log on here.


I may well just do that, I do have more pics at that weight I can add as well.
Thanks for the welcome.


Just looked at your stats and was thrown for a minute until I did the kilo to pound conversion.

You are incredibly strong for a 100 pound beginner! If I'm understanding you correctly, you are already benching 88 lbs, which is 88% of your body weight, and squating 154 which is 1.5 your body weight for multiple reps?

Same with your chin numbers. Wow. There are quite a few women who've been training a long time and can't do body weight pull-ups, or very few. Same with the body weight bench goal. That's quite good to already be at 88% body weight on your bench.

For your body weight you are really strong for a girl.

Nice job. Not only will you fit right in, but you'll make people jealous.




KPSnap's log is in the Over 35 Forum. Strong Little Snapper.