Smallest Needle Size/Length?

This has been bugging me. What’s the smallest size needle I can use for injecting T into quadricep. I hate long needles. Is there a shorter length I can use that’s still effective?

I use a 1" 27 ga usually. Depends on you leg, 1/2" would probably be fine but I can’t usually find them here.

I use 1/2 29 gauge insulin syringes with no problems.

Wow. Doesn’t it take a long time to push the oil out? Maybe I’ll try it.

This would entirely depend on the amount of muscle mass/amount of fat you have at your quadriceps.

What is your body fat?

For most 1/2” will do the trick. I personally use 1” but do not care about needles. Also this is all my drug store (Walgreens) carries near my house.

Are these 1ml syringes? I’ve been looking for 27g 1” needles and can never find them. Ive been using 1-1/4” ones.

No, not really. 10 seconds maybe? Takes a bit to draw though, a minute or two I’d guess

I don’t t even know my fat percentage. I should. My legs aren’t bulky. I have runner’s legs. Muscled but not bulky. I just hate long needles…

Yes, 1mL syringes

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Can you hook me up with a link?

@dextermorgan buys them on Amazon, I buy them at the pharmacy in Nicaragua where I am so shipping might be an issue - LOL.

Oh, got it. I don’t think we have them online in the US that I could find. I know @dextermorgan uses 1/2” no waste syringes. I looked for 1” 27 or 29g and couldn’t find any with no waste. My doc prescribed an extra vial of T every other month, so I don’t have to worry about running out due to waste anymore which I’m pretty happy about.

I can handle pain but when I put that needle up to my skin…my mind goes on red alert. I called the trt office and of course they just prescribe and won’t inject. I don’t know why I have this issue.

Sometimes it takes me 5 min to just yell and stick it!

Go slow. My wife is totally phobic, the only way to give her a shot is to go very slow. Sounds wrong, but a fast jab usually hurts, a slow push doesn’t. I also move if the first contact hurts. 1/4" or 1/2" away can be sensation free from a spot that feels like a sting.

Also, I’m in Central America, where EVERYTHING is OTC. But usually there are no questions asked if you need insulin needles at a pharmacy. Wherever you get your prescription filled will likely order you whatever you want.

Use a 30 gauge, 5/8", and shoot subq.

Just my two.

How, I’m the outsider here. While I’ve used insulin needles (when we traveled to my sister in law I couldn’t find mine, so I borrowed hers) it’s not what I use regularly. As everyone says, it takes too long to load (yes, 1-2 minutes is a long time), but I also have a number of other injectables I need (sob story, don’t care) so I’m an atypical case.

But more importantly I tried many different needle sizes in the last few weeks for just that reason - what could I use most effectively.

If you’re loading and dispensing with different needles, and needle size matters: 18 to load, 28 to dispense (27 alternative)
If you want one needle and need it to be reasonably quick: 23g only
If you want to use only one needle and the needle size matters: 25g (this is the smallest I tried - didn’t try 26 - that I could draw and inject without getting impatient).

Almost as importantly is that you use the smallest syringe possible to inject whatever you’re injecting. If you’re only taking testosterone and not a crazy dose, get a 1ml syringe (I’m often injecting up to r things at once and I still use a 1ml syringe most of the time), followed by the smallest you can find. has needles and syringes available to order if you’re in the US. I’m in Arizona, so it’s possible they’re not allowed to be sold by mail order where’s you are. When using Amazon make sure you order either a syringe*needle combo, or order both separately - Amazon sells like they’re stocking a pharmacy, so everything is ala cart, but there are single use bundles too. Also be sure you order sharp needles, not blunt ones (I have a whole set of blunt needles now…).

If pain at the injection site is a serious issue, you can numb the injection site in advance. You may think that a topical numbing agent will work (and they will, like benzocaine bought for a tooth ache) but a bit of ice will numb the site just as well, and much faster. 15 seconds of contact with ice and you won’t feel a thing when you inject. Just remember to re-sterilize if anything has touched the skin between sterilization and injection. Cellulitis is really annoying and it’s easily preventable. Prevent it.

I have gotten them at walgreens (drug store in the US) before, but it turns out that slin pins are what are generally used for heroin, so me being young looking with long hair got quite the questioning. I think I’ll just get them online from now on.

I had them refuse to sell them to me once. It’s pretty dumb… even if you WERE using them for heroin, at least that would mean you’re using clean needles vs. being forced to re-use whatever you had. It’s pretty stupid.


They can be annoying. Last time in the US I needed a 23 ga to load with, I discovered that the T-Cyp I buy just plain doesn’t draw into a 27 ga. 10 minutes or 10 hours, it doesn’t go. It was in PA, they asked a lot of questions and I am not young, don’t have long hair and look nothing like a heroin addict.