Smallest Hamstrings Ever.

I was browsing Ronnie Coleman’s workout videos and I saw this one of him training hamstrings. Quite possibly the most ridiculous hamstrings I have ever seen, I mean holy shit…

Actually, it looks like his quads got so big they spilled over to the back side of his leg.

Either that or there is an alien in there trying to escape.

The quad / ham separation, and just the sheer size of his legs, when you get the side view at about 2:00 is freaky.

First time I saw that I was like wtf? Is this CGI? lol

What’s awesome is seeing him in sweats and being able to see the veins in his leg through them. There is a pic of Kai Greene like that as well.

I can’t wait for the day that I can stretch out my pants like and see every striation.

His legs are as thick as my torso!

The side view takes something incredible and multiplies it by itself to make whole new level of awesome.

Jesus. His hams bulge more than most trainers’ quads.

Those hams are fricken insane. He’s got legs more powerful than a triple derby winner racehorse

Dorian Yates hams look insane in some of his poses, dont know how they compare to these though

lmao. I love the YEPPP at about 45 secs.

Wow. Just… my god…

This makes me want to call Hercules a tiny little man-girl.