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Smaller Meals Beneficial?


Just asking this to some of the more experienced lifters out there, as I've read varying opinions covered different articles, etc. Is it more beneficial to eat numerous smaller meals during the day, rather than fewer, larger ones?

And if so, what are such benefits? Increased metabolism, better absorption/ utilisation of nutrients and more successful fat-loss (although this last one is not my goal, as I'm attempting to gain weight) seem to be the ones which have been mentioned in these articles. I'm just wondering if these hold true, from your experiences, or if it's just one of those 'myths' which have grown largely out of proportion


6 meals is better than 3 meals no matter your goal. When trying to lose weight 6 small meals will help raise your metabolism. Your body wont store fat as easily because it knows it will be getting more food in only a few hours.
However, if you are trying gain weight (which is what YOU want) go for 6 LARGE meals.


See, I thought there probably was more logic behind it, but I've read a bunch of stuff saying its all bullshit- no effect on metabolism, at the end of the day calories in = calories out regardless of when they're consumed etc. etc.


It depends. I always feel better when I eat more often and in smaller portions. But I make progress just fine when I only eat 3-4 really big meals.

Spacing out your total calories usually is better but both work.


Yeah, I believe that's what CT has been saying over in his forums, but there is the protein pulsing thing going on at the same time too.


Nope, there are no advantage of more frequent meals when it comes to metabolism boosting. This 6 meals vs 3 meals debate has been beaten to death several times here. Go to the Supplements and Nutrition forum.

Bottomline, overall calorie and macronutrient intake is WAY more important than meal frequency.