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Smaller Chest


This may be the first time this has been asked on this forum but how do i reduce the size of my chest?

I have built myself up to 250 pounds and have a decent size chest but they look more like boobs "lol" plus when i run they bounce up and down and just look wrong.I would like my chest to be like a sheet of armor not big looking tits.I was even watching pumping iron last night and seeing the chest's of arnold and mike katz and it just doesnt look right,well not to me anyway.Im sitting around 8-9% bodyfat so its not like i have fat titties or gyno if u were wondering.




Make your belly bigger.

Seriously why don't you try to go onto a strength only regimen for a while. Maybe you've built up the mass but not all of the strength that goes along with it.

That sounds crappy now that I read it but I"m still going to hit send.


Well, stop working your chest as much for one. Definetly less volume. I'd say start messing with lower rep ranges and lower volume although this may just maintain what you have. Also, perhaps try working on overhead movements and bringing up the rest of your body so you chest looks smaller relatively speaking.


Exactly. Replace horizontal pressing movements with vertical.

Or maybe you actually do have gyno or pseudo-gyno - go see a doctor to know for sure. Some people just have large chests - good, you're free to not waste as much time on a body part that everyone is trying to prioritize.


sounds like too high body fat, i serously doubt that your pecs are too big


All guys with big muscular chests would experience it "bounce up and down" if they ran...unless they flexed it hard while running. You didn't know muscle did this? If you shake your leg, your quad muscle will shake back and forth as well. The bigger the chest, the more is may move when running.

Not only that, but the shape of your chest is largely genetic, but this may also point to you having under-developed upper pectorals.


Come on guys! Where are the richard simmons pics and tips? I'm truly disappointed in you.

I would have to agree that upper pec work for strength 1st, hypertrophy 2nd might help the look.

The second suggestion is to simply make everything else bigger. The chest might not look as big if you have mammoth trap and lat sails casting shadows. (Lets not forget about lower body...how about some focus on full-body moves)

I expect in 6-mos you will be asking "Smaller traps". :slightly_smiling:


I'm not trying to offend you in anyway but i don't get how it can look like boobs with 8 to 9 percent bodyfat I have around the same bodyfat with a big chest and it doesn't look like boobs...


Everyone has less than 10% body fat on the internet.


I agree.


Wow that's an impressive looking physique that you're fantasizing about owning. Seeing as its only an imaginary physique though why not solve your problems by just imagining your chest to be smaller?


I dunno, I've definetly seen some guys in my days in the "flat bench only crew" who look like they have tits. It's retarded looking, especially when there is even a little bit of body fat going on.

I'd also say hit the upper chest and leave the lower alone.


Start breastfeading to reduce it:) or start taking M. It worked for me, the M part of course but that is just an individual case.


At that weight and bodyfat, assuming you're not 6'10, you could probably be a pro bodybuilder. I seriously doubt you're 8-9% bodyfat.


bodybuilder friend of mine was at ~5%bf about a week before his first competition. hes like 5'5" and was 175lbs. he was quite ripped then, but his chest was still very round looking. the night before the competition he was then 170lbs and his chest was much flatter and harder looking. turns out he tends to hold water in his chest.

just providing a little insight, maybe this is your deal. impressive numbers though, if i were 250lbs and 8-9% bodyfat i think id expect something to move around as a ran, its not like your bolts running across you keeping those apparently huge pecs down...right?



Im 6 feet 4 1/2 250 pounds for that height aint that impressive.

Yeah i agree with X here,looking at my chest again i need more upper pec work,because i was just basically using flat bench maybe chuck in a set or 2 of inclines at the end.
Looking at my father he has some big ass titties but he is 135 kgs on a good day.thinking genetics are my biggest downfall.

Thanks for your comments anyway even the smartass ones :smiley: i know i know ask a stupid question get a stupid answer "lol"