Small Woman's Gear Supplier?

My 16 year old daughter lifts raw. She is 115 lbs, 5’4". Who is the best supplier for gear for that size?

I lift in Masters 2B.


I’m pretty sure any of the major companies make gear that would fit titan, inzer, metal and overkill gear is made to order so just depends

Any of the gear suppliers. They will all have sizing charts. AT 115lbs, she is the equivalent to the 52kg womens weight class which is pretty well populated.

This is a link to a sizing chart for Titan

Thanks. I went to Elitefts and didn’t see small sizes there, so I got worried.

my wife was that size when she competed years ago. it was very difficult to get gear that fit. we ended gatting some small stuff and had it altered. neck lines were off. it was rough.

i am sure they have more stuff available now.

Go with overkill rudy will do a good job

Both Titan and Inzer stock small-sized gear. But a great option is to order custom. The price is not much more and it’s guaranteed to fit. Call the manufacturer directly so they can walk you through how to measure if you go this route. BTW, I compete at about 110 lb.

Thanks all. Titan has a 3 week delivery with stock sizes, and gave an excellent student discount.

Overkill guy was nice, but not IPF-USAPL approved.

I’m glad you got it sorted out. I pretty much only use titan and have loved my centurian since I got it. I hope she has the same results.