Small Weight Gain But Mostly Cut

Hey guys, I am new to this site but I have a couple questions if you guys could help me that would be great. i am currently weighing at 185 pounds and I am 5 foot nine. Currently, I am still cutting weight naturally through diet and cardio but am interested in taking a cycle soon. My question is I am looking for a cycle that would put on 5 to 10 pounds while still dramatically trimming my body fat. I basically have access to every type of steroid possible.

However I am trying to stay away from testosterone because my body naturally holds a lot of estrogen. I can tell this from the where my fat is stored. My question is what do you guys think is a good idea? Basically I have thought about taking a tren and deca cycle followed by a deca and winny cycle. Or I was considering taking a single cycle that consist of tren/deca/winny. What would your guys advice be? Thank you for your time

Nope. Start over.

I hope you prefer fina-dick because your boys will be out of commission for the length of your cycle (if not the rest of your life).

That is literally the ONE thing stressed most on this forum. NEVER under ANY circumstance run a cycle without test. Absolutely retarded.

Read the SERM/AI sticky. Now.

I did and thats why i asked. To get some advice. What about a depo test 200.

Dude read the damn stickies first! They have all the info you need.

[quote]Jenkinscody21 wrote:
I did and thats why i asked. To get some advice. What about a depo test 200. [/quote]

If you did, and have done proper research, there should be no question as to your question.

Any kind of test. At all. Just put it in there.

Ok guys got a game plan set up now. Thank u so much for ur help and guiding me in the rght direction