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Small Victories


I'm not a feel good post kind of girl but I am compelled....

Ever have any of those serendipitous moments in life that may mean nothing to others but to you is realizing, often without trying, a small goal or victory? Just thought I'd share several from the last few days...

Yesterday, I realized that my favorite khaki's weren't fitting right. Kinda saggy in the crotch....they needed a belt! Put a belt on....I needed to tighten it a notch!

Yesterday also, I got the joy of spending an hour or so with my favorite man of late....my tax preparer. At the end of our "date" I found out I get around 13k back. Yay!

This morning, at O-dark-thirty I stumble half asleep into the gym. Start loading the bar for DLs and lo and behold - THERE'S FRESH CHALK ON THE FLOOR! In a 24 Hour Fitness! Someone deadlifts besides me.... and uses chalk! I must have just missed this elusive creature because it wasn't wiped up by the ever-present cleaning crew or even ground into the floor yet - it was just sitting there all fresh and purty.

Feeling encouraged by this, I succeeded in finally finding the right weight for 2 good sets of 15 singles (sorry Yorbabarbell, I'm still getting closer to that one set of 15 gruelling singles) and it was what? 135lb. Yay! At least I can DL bodyweight without maxing out! like I said, these are small victories

Anyone got any to share?


After being in a small slump for about a month, I'm back up to my bench max.


Glad to hear it Karma. We were conservative when we picked your starting weights-that is for sure. But you are "into" deadlifting-that is what counts. I won't pat myself on the back too much-but didn't I tell you one of the side effects of intense deadlfitng is a metabolism boost through-out the whole body-of oruce from the high amount of posterior chain work. Hence the loose Khakis.

Everyone that follows my deadlift advice loses weight-in all the right spots. Based upon the 2 sets of 15 with 135-I KNOW-with a lil peaking you can do a double bodyweight deadlift-270lbs right after the 6 week cycle with the correctly adjusted poundages.

nothing like finding some other lifters chalk stash in a strange or antiseptic gym-that is always good times-knowing a kindred spirit exists and has toiled as you have.

Congrats on the 13k. I read your post the other day -very well written about selling kids short etc. You are quite accomplished and successful-I look forward to your take as to how you intend to invest/apply your money. I get happy with money back from the G-then I realize-shit that was my money to begin with! But it still feels good.

As for my small victories this wekk...hmmm.... I am competing in the USPF Deadlift nationals on saturday in Austin-so I have some pre-meet feelings of excitment. I haven't done a national meet in 2 years-since the birth of my tiwns-so I really want to comeback strong. I have plans on doing the USPF Deadlift open in WV in mid-Sept and the strongest man in the US in Mass on Nov 6.

Life is good-been enjoying Texas, my wife and kids and seeing the occasional pompous ass at work exposed for the poser that he/she is-ie love it when people talk out their ass and don't accomplish jack shit. Keep up the deadlifting and posting-they make it easier to squeeze 2 hours worth of work into an 8 hour day.


Last night the temperature and humidity were just right so I was able to complete the "Texas Beltbuckle" of penis puppetry.

Think cat's cradle, but with your twig and berries.




Considering I haven't a twig and berries, I think a pic is in order...



I was shaving my head in the bathroom with a beard trimmer when I stepped on a piece of broken porcelein and cut my foot! And then when I cleaned that up the juice ran out of the beard trimmer and there's still a few spots left on my head! I managed to shower off the cut hair without getting my right foot wet but I'm not going through that again. My hair will just have to stay as is. Now I'm going to go grill some chicken!


that is AWESOME!!! congrats!! to be honest, i'm all about the little victories because it seems to quicken the time to the bigger ones.

my little victory? joing a discussion-based community (this one) to meet and get support from fitness and health-minded people. it's a lifestyle change, and this is helping change the state of mind....that and the nipple talk :wink:


Damn! How did I miss that thread?

Anyway, here's my small victory:

I haven't been squating for very long, just a few months (yep, I was a lightbulb wannabe). I had been doing 3 sets of 20-25 reps with something like 125lbs for the last set. 3 weeks ago I changed to 5x5s, and on Sunday I squatted bodyweight for 5 (80kg, 176lbs). I know it's not much, but I was so happy when I put the bar on the pins that I just walked over to the water fountain with a stupid grin on my face. Having no training partner, I couldn't share it with anyone, but it still felt good :slight_smile:

Next small victory: 150% bodyweight.


I sported some morning wood this morning - all on my own!!

I may be out of this PCT dungeon sooner rather than later.


I hear you on the 'feel good' thing. Speaking of having stupid grins and no one to share shit with - try realizing you're doing lunges superset with military presses with two different weight dumbbells after wondering why your 'strong' arm seems unusually weak that day. Felt like such an idiot... :wink:

Yorbabarbell: DAMN! I can't even imagine pulling a 270lb DL! Now that scares me...

Renn: Checking this place out is undoubtedly the best thing I've ever done for my fitness level and health. Good for you! Oh, and if you need to discuss nipples further....you know who to PM. :wink:

RainJack: YAAAYY!! Now go give Jana some propah attention!


Spurred on by Jilly I tried pull ups last night after my usual workout. My trainer (sorry I know everyone's take on 'trainers') was there so I asked him for some assistance. I did three unassisted close grip from a dead hang and 1.5 wide grip....loved it! And I feel it today in a great way!

Trainer quote, "it looks badass when chicks do them"

I left feeling awesome!


This dude was talking a lotta of shit during basketball. Typical guy you always see, has the most expensive nike basketall clothing, the most expensive shoes, ball hog, and the dude had a six pac.

He ended up saying something to me after I busted a shot in his face, and then I totally shut him down. Dude didnt even score the rest of the game. He was trying to drive on me and I just would stop him, EVERY TIME. Then after the game, he stormed away pissed, BECAUSE I SHUT HIM DOWN. That was a good small victory.


Yesterday my friend and I played in a golf match against the 2 best golfers at our course. They are a 0 and 1 respectively. My friend is a 4 and I am an 11. We made this match a while ago, and everyone at the course was shocked when I insisted we play them in a scratch match, and for money to boot. I was even offered by some of the other better players that they should take my place to avoid embarrasment and losing a lot of money. I basically told everyone to go fuck themselves and I basically gaurenteed victory.

Well we ended up winning the match and though I didn't play well on the front 9, I came back for a strong back 9 and we ended up overtaking them quite handily. We finished 3 up with 2 to play, so we had the match at that point even though they did finish winning the last hole with a birdie. I was happy to report the news to all the gents back at the clubhouse.



Well done Perfect(lyCrazy)! :slight_smile: Congratulations. You'll be pumping 'em out on your own in no time.

He might be a T-Man, that trainer. Good choice. And I agree with him on the badassity thing. Do you do deadlifts too...?

Cos you are!



Got a notice in the mail telling me my car insurance is going up $500 a year after no claims for the last 5 years. Tore my hamstring 6 weeks ago and just as it's almost healed, I've come up with a nice stress fracture in my foot. I can't bench cause both shoulders are fucked. Turned one of my earlobes into a piece of bacon after a nasty little basement fire at work last week. I jumped on the duc this morning to head to work, still half asleep, but as soon as I hit the ignition that sweet twin music hit my ears and I was wide awake. Pulled a second gear wheelie with my new 14 tooth front sprocket, rode 'er out two blocks, smiled my stupid ass off and all was right in the world. Chicks dig wheelies, children dig wheelies, even 'the man' digs wheelies, but he's not aloud to dig 'em so he has to chase you and give you lectures and little pieces of paper for your wheelies. The man won't keep me down though....cause he's gotta catch me...long live wheelies.


Ah shit, hon. Is the foot going to affect your bike trip?


My small victory: ~Karma~ giving me some of that 13K 'cause I'm so purdy.

:smiley: eh? eh?


Small victories?

  1. I successfully shaved my legs for race day in under an hour and a half

  2. I did so without any profuse bleeding