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Small to Swole

Sup guys. Been lurking the website for the past few weeks and decided to make a log .I’ll keep this short and quick . I’m 19 years old looking to get strong and big . At the moment im very
skinny/weak(about 150 or so pounds) and my height is about 6ft .

My diet mostly consumes of brown/white rice , chicke, peanutbutter sandwhiches , whey protein , protein bars , and milk . Im consuming around 3700-4100 calories a day and about 230g of protein . Over time as i get heavier ill try to increase that… My short term goal is to reach 180lb by
June(i made a bet with my friend lol) but in long terms i hope to reach veryyyyyy lean 180-190 lbs maybe 200. Here’s my split:

Day 1 :Chest/Biceps
Day 2:Legs/Calves
Day 4:Shoulders/Traps/Triceps
Day 5 or 6:Back