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Small SURGE before breakfast???

Hey, I’ve been tinkering with the idea that it is best to hit my body with one heaping scoop of surge before my shower, let that digest for that 15 minutes, then eat a big meal for breakfast with slow digesting proteins. I don’t feel anything happening, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is a good idea. Before everyone says “OMG the insulin surge will kill you instantly!” STOP, we aren’t even talking about a whole serving of surge here and I DO NOT get fat no matter what I do (within reason). OK, I just wanted to run this by the professionals to see if I’m totally bonkers and off my rocker. Time to do my stomache work before I shower… arg.

Couldnt hurt as long as you are not trying to lean out/cut fat. Give it a go and see how it works for you.

It’s actually recommended in a recent t-mag article to take a serving the morning after a workout.
You’ll be fine.

You want a high GI food first thing in the morning, so why not just have some whey, some dextrose and some juice? Before you know it, you’re going to be one of those people telling us how you don’t have the money for Surge.

Commander, you really like your Surge, don’t you! (grin) I have trouble keeping from scooping it straight into my mouth when I’m making up my drinks prior to workout.

However, having some for breakfast is not really in your best interests either hormonally or from a body comp perspective. You’d do better getting your carbs from oatmeal and maybe a little fruit or even some veggies with an omlette.

Here’s my logic. Right now you don’t have much of a problem in the fat department. But physiologically (i.e., behind the scenes), you’d be pushing all the wrong hormonal buttons. You’re turning off fat burning (mobilization and oxidation) and you’re putting yourself into fat storage mode. It may take a while for you to see the effects cummulatively, but why even go that route. Even now, slim & trim (I’m making that assumption), you want to make sure that any weight you put on your frame is MUSCLE weight.

Having said that, you don’t need our permission to drink Surge in the morning for breakfast if you want to. (grin)

It depends on the type of training you’re doing, and the intensity.

I figure it like this;
You’ve are in a fasted state (From sleep)
You’re cortisol levels are high (From being in a fasted state)
If you’ve been training hard, odds are that your muscles are in desperate need of some macronutrients

What’s the best way to speed important nutrients to my muscle?
That’s a good question… the answer?
With a futhamuckin fierce insulin response.

How do you get said insulin response?
With a serving of high-glycemic carbs and some fast acting protein. (Sounds a lot like Surge)

Here’s how I do it.
(this is for non-workout days, when I don’t train in the morning. On workout days I train in the morning, so Surge first thing isn’t what I want.)
-As soon as I get up I take a full serving of Surge w/creatine & vit C
-An hour later I eat a full meal with compex carbs and protein. I eat C+P meals until midday, and then I eat my F+P meals.

The bottom line. I have yet to see any adverse effects from the serving of Surge. My recovery is great these days, and I have had very little fat gains.

Alright thanks guys. Even though Tampa-Terry’s logic sounds really good, I’m going to keep doing it anyways since I’m bulking and working out alot (can we say morning soreness and stomache implosion?). I find that doing it even helps me eat an ultramassive breakfast as well. But if I see more fat than with the usual bulking cycle I’ll be reserving it for pre/post workout nutrition.

I’m always strapped for cash, so I couldn’t imagine wasting my surge for anytime other than after a workout.

Now you can!

Whoa, just saw that. You’re right, now I can!!!