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Small Right Pectoral

Whats up,
I have a very under developed right pectoral. 4 years ago I tore my external rotator cuff in my right shoulder and never had surgery for it. I rehabed it to the point where there is only little discomfort when lifting heavy. The problem is I cant seem to get the pec to grow.When doing benchpress or any dumbells or machines I cant seem to get a pump in the right pec.

No physio or chiropractor really knows whats going on. Im wodnering if anyone has had a similar problem. If trying surgery or even maybe site injections.Im desperate, the problem is so severe many people notice it and ask me whats wrong with my chest. Thanks for any suggestions you can think of!

Similar problem awhile back.

1st- Are you left side dominant?
2nd- Do you have any other muscles with the same problem?
3rd- Is it genetic or a deformity that you’ve always had.

I noticed this profound difference in size after my girlfriend pointed it out in a photo. I always knew it was smaller but didn’t know the severity.

I did this to fix it. This is no joke. For almost 4-5 years it took me. It started with the bench press. My right side was constantly failing before the left. I’m right handed by the way with a dominant left side. I don’t understand that, but thats me.

Anyways. I overloaded the right side on the bench press to force it to grow stronger. Also did countless extra reps & exercises on the right side with dumbbell presses, flyes, pullovers, cables, 1-arm push ups…you name it, I did it. It took a long time, but it caught up. I didnt want to sacrafice progress on my left side. So I decided to work the left 100% and right weak pec 150%.

I don’t know if this will work for you, but it worked for me. Alot of my right side muscles were smaller, but none more evident than my chest.

Some say to just lift heavy compounds and it will work itself out. I tried that and only made it worse. My advice would be to overwork and focus on the weak right side or it really will never catch up.

  • Someone that had the same problem

Why don’t you start doing 1 arm DB press?

Or jump on a machine press that you can use the arms independantly with?

Yea thanks, I’ll try that too I suppose, cause now im scared my left pec will not grow to its pull potential.I am right ride dominant too. So hopefully if just blasting the right side worked for you it will work for me. I dont think its genetic my older brother used to lift and he said he never had anything like that. So i figure its injury related. Thanks for your help i really appreciate it, and knowing that im not some complete freak. Any more suggestions are still welcome!!

My guess is, on the presses, your right triceps overpowers your right pec. Make a conscience effort to go all the way down with the presses on the right side.

That’s just in addition to what everyone else said haha.