Small Project For Someone

I want to see if someone can do this before I get back from work… I’d do it myself otherwise…but I’m being lazy and testing the resourcefulness of the forum haha.

but find a picture of ronnie coleman that looks like he is crying or about to be brought to tears, and photoshop in the text:

“Every time a weenie curls in the squat rack, you make Ronnie cry”

Or something to that effect.

Here ya go. Alter the text as you wish.
-edit: Resized the image so that it does not get distorted in the forum.

Xen, do I get a cookie now? Or preferably just start a new picture thread in the S&M forum, a la “Ass Worship”.

HaHa… Kinda like my avatar? You’ve got to add “Please think of Ronnie”


Actually I was going to give you my Professor X’s dirty jock strap and wrist straps… but yea sure a thread will do easily.