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Small Piece of Cotton in My Vial?

I have a 20ml sterile vial where i transfered all my gear from amps. Due to the fact that i have a small chunk of rubber on the bottom (luckily it’s stuck so it doesn’t move) that i got while pinning the stopper at an angle i check my vial VERY carefully under a light spot.

I’m wiping the stopper with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and i noticed that strings/fibers remain on the stopper when alcohol dries out, i also spotted a string of cotton in my gear and i fished it out. Probably got pushed by the needle through the rubber stopper.

What should i use to vipe the vial top then?

Should i use sterile gauze pads soaked in alcohol? they look like this http://www.sensicare.ro/image-thumbnail-500x500-upl/uplphoto/-produse_662_17615.jpg

Presoaked Alcohol pads are pretty expensive locally : $5 10 pads.

Don’t know where you are from, but I can get 100 alcohol pads in sealed wrappers for a couple of bucks at a Walgreens. They work great for both swabbing the area to inject as well as the vial top.

I’m from Romania, i dont know why but alcohol pads are rare and expensive, everybody uses cotton wool.

You could buy alcohol pads on the internet or buy sterile bandage gauze and soak it in alcohol.

Or, just dip the vial top in alcohol.