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Small Nasty Red Strech Marks on My Arms- HELP


Im 16 years old and have been lifting for the last 2 years and within the last 2 weeks I have been getting these nasty marks on my biceps (mostly my left). I took creatine for the first time for four weeks and Ive been off for two. my bench went from about 250 to 265 so i know ive been getting stronger and this is probly the source of the strech marks.

I despertly need some advice on to how i get rid off or reduce the redness of these marks. Also should I start another creatine cycle in a few weeks. all advice is apreciated Thanks.


People complaining about gaining muscle too fast...

Anyway, no, they're permanent. They will fade with time.


Just wait until your legs are so big you can't find jeans to wear.


just wait till your numbers go up and you get them on your face.




I laughed up some of my dinner.


Welcome to T-Nation. I'd kill for stretch marks on my arms.




welcome to bodybuilding new guy.


seriously though is there anything I can put on them so they dont stand out as much


They say cocoa butter helps. Not sure if I entirely buy it. But mine stayed red for like.. 2 years. They're clear now.


Am I the only person who likes their stretch marks...?
Everytime I see them I'm like 'Fuck Yeah!', especially the ones that have started appearing on my legs.
Love 'em


2nded, I've heard it helps. But they do fade after a few years.

Of course...I have some at my bicep/deltoid junction that are very red and have been there for a long time...


id kill for marks on my legs and lats. iv only got them in my armpits and left shoulder.


Warm up better. Stretch marks happen more from not warmig up than growth.


If I spend any more time warming up I won't even have time for weight training.
So no, that's not it


Those are initiation marks, welcome to the people with a little bit of muscle. Have a nice stay and a good one on the road to bigness.


You should be asking questions, not giving answers.


Um...yeah...you're gonna have to explain this one. I guess pregnant women and fat people get stretch marks because they aren't warming up properly. Seriously?


OP, if you're lucky and work hard at it, those small nasty red stretch marks will turn into BIG nasty red stretch marks.

Seriously, they are unavoidable when you're gaining weight. Consider them badges of honor, you're too big for your skin.

Disclaimer: I think I stole that "too big for your skin" line from someone else, but I can't be sure.