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Small Man Syndrome


What is it with these little men trying to pick fights with me all the time?
Im a big guy and the only trouble i get at clubs are from these little guys who just want to fight?

now normally im nice and laid back and can calm the situation down but other times i just have to knock one of these guys out...then i get called a asshole for picking on someone half my size :-/
Any other big fuckas have this kinda trouble with these little shits?



Yeah, I always called it short man syndrome. Just try to laugh it of, or just grab them by the head and hold them away as they swing. Works great on my 6 year old nephew and anything else under 5'10". (Sorry Nate;)


haha, I do come across this Napoleon's syndrome quite a bit... Just ignore them, it's fairly unsatisfying to beat up somebody who was the same size you were when you were like 10 years old.

Or you can just keep beating up tiny men until you get arrested or come across one who's trained in a deadly martial art, in which case you'll end up looking fairly foolish... whatever floats your boat.


i hate midgets. whenever i see them i just wanna destroy stuff.


you better leave nate dogg alone...


All I do is give them the look of death and they don't even bother to say anything again. I don't even have to raise my voice or fist. But then, I've been told I look scary when I'm pissed. Just ask MJ.


It's just the curse of size.

The bitch of it is that while we have to spend extra money at the big and tall store, they can hit the kids department for the sales.


Bwahahahahaha! You are so right.


What I think is really funny is when a drunkard is starting shit with a buddy you're out with and you walk over to see what's up and the guy looks at you and stops his shit and says "You're gonna kick my ass aren't you?" At that point the situation is diffused and all three of us laugh.


Hey now! Easy. Not all of us have it... I've been told I have the Napolean syndrome, but I rarely get into fights (even when I have, I don't start them). I don't think short fellas start trouble because they are short; there are as many big jerkoffs as there are little ones.

What I find more often is that big fuckers think they can fuck you around simply because you are 5'6...but that's just my experience. Too often they are wrong.

And Ragoo, when I see a fucker your size coming, I grab a barstool :wink:
Screw a fair fight (when they're your size)!


Haha hahahah! Oh shit, that's funny. I detest bar fights. I usually try and stop them before they start, especially when it involves me or my friends. Forunately most of the just my presence and mean scowl is enough to put things to a halt. But thanks for the warning. I'll be on the lookout for barstools next time I'm out.


I second. Jerks come in all shapes and sizes...We the short could just as easily start a thread about drunken lanky idiots who must want to get their long and bony limbs snapped.

Seriously...if you are bigger AND stronger than someone and choose to try and punk them, they might just think outside the box. I hope none of us is starting fights when we are in the wrong, though.


I kinda agree with Irish on the napolean syndrome. I'm a little person 5'4" but I'm weighimg in at 205. When me and my wife go out to the bar people look at me funny because of the way I carry myself. I don't strut around or talk shit I just keep to myself and my circle of friends. We talk shit amongst each other and it's primariliy about each other. Well one night I had some tall jerk off trying to act like a bad ass in front of his girl, I didn't know this dickhead and neither did any of my friends he just kept walking by. Any ways this prick thought it would be funny to bump into me everytime he walked by. I finally got tired of it and asked him what his problem was. His only reply was that he couldn't see me because I was too short. I blew it off, the next time he came around he bumped me again but this time it was more blatant than ever, with out even hesitating a buddy of mine who is larger than him, about 6'4" and 280, decked this dude, when the guy realized he just got his block knocked off he asked my buddy , " what the hell was that for, my buddy told him kinda smart ass like, "Sorry guess I didn't see you".



yeah im short, ya got something to say, wanna fight about it?

naw but honestly the reverse can be applied, because im 5'6 190 with good def, and fine (bit cocky, i know) so like every guy that doent know me sees me as the enemy, or a target. most of these assholes are tall w/ imaginary lat syndrome, so i just ignore them.


HHH,your probably getting the backlash for all the big pricks that have bullied and pushed people around since they were little kids.I know myself the only times people ever gave me any static is when they are much bigger or the pussies that have you out numbered 4-5 to 1.But the baddest dudes i ever new didnt have to show they were tough,they kept to themselves and didnt want to be bothered.I have known several guys that have killed somebody when they were defending themselves,and they were really nice guys and didnt want trouble and if you didnt know them real well you would never have thought that they zilched somebody.I've also known several bully types that thought they were tough and they all ended up pushin around the wrong guy,usually smaller or much older & they are all dead now.