Small Lump on Lateral Tricep

   I seem to have a small lump on the lateral head of my left tricep. It's been noticed for about a year, painless, can't really see it, can feel it. It seems to go across the lateral head transversely. 

   How concerned should I be about this? Anyone else have something like this before? Could be fatty deposit? Could be something else too...
   I don't want to go to the doc unless it is necessary.. it hasn't gotten bigger or anything either. 
    When flexed it's hard to feel it, but when relaxed you can..
     thanks for any help..

I went to one of those online query sites. An Md answered my question. I told him the lump/bump, was about a half inch by half inch, with a barely visible horizontal band that looks like a bruise, but really faint…
also hasn’t gotten any bigger since I first saw it a year or so ago. And you can’t feel it so much when flexed, as you can relaxed.
He/she said, I could have injured the muscle working out when the muscle contracted very swiftly, pulling against its point of origin. A small hematoma must have occured at the time. This became fibrosed on healing and is now present as a hard to firm lump. If bleeding occured under the skin, it could also have caused discoloration of the skin, just like an old scar or bruise sometimes does.
A fibrosis deep in the muscle fibre will be palpable only when the muscle is relaxed. When the muscle is contracted, it will be almost impossible to feel.
Further, it is unlikely that it will cause any harm, but will never go away either. According to the doc, I don’t need to worry about it. It is unlikely to be any cancer, the only cancer at that place and on the skin would be a melanoma of the skin. But since the lump disappears when the muscle is contracted, it is not on the skin. And so cannot be a melanoma. Another cancer could be growth of a lymph node, but this would be higher up in the armpit. My lump is definitely in the muscle and I will not get any type of cancer there.
The color may or may not change. If the pigmentation has occured in the deeper layers of the skin(like a tatoo), it will not go away. But if some of it is in the superficial layers of the skin, then the color may fade over time.
Final word: I need to keep an eye on the lump for about 1 year. IF there is no change like an increase in size, pain, signs of bleeding(like a deeper color or small spots near it), then there is nothing to worry about.
But I was told not to touch the lump as far as possible, as repeated handling can cause the lump to get inflamed.
So, hope that helps if anyone else had/has a similar situation. I was a tad nervous about it, and feel fine now. I’m focused and ready to kick some tail today in my gym. Whew…
later guys. shred

Maybe it is a calcium deposit? If so they are normal and not harmful. You should have a doctor vefify that it is a calcium deposit.

Well I think that a calcium deposit is a lot harder like bone no?

It’s not like that, it is more like a firm type lump. Seems to make sense what I was told… anyway, thanks for the comment, anythings possible, but it’s not that hard.

Well you can definitly rule out a bad case of blue balls.

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I have a small lump on my inner arm aswell. It’s only noticeable when I do tricep extensions, or a rear latspread from a view looking up at me.

Never had any problems with it.

Thanks, for your info. Yeah it's never really bugged, just one day, there it was and just kinda irritated me, like a minor thing that kinda just said here I am and I'm here to I said no one notices it but me, so I guess we can live in harmony lol..

Bottom line, go to a Dr. Lumps on your body are usually normal, but your an idiot to be worried enough to post on here and not see a Dr. Also, my guess would be a fat deposit. I have a few in lumps like that on my upper body. A few tiny ones on my lower arms, one in my abs, one on my bi and one larger one on my back. My Dr. said about 15% of people develope them no matter what their body fat % is.

  I'm not an idiot first of all, you might be though. I, like most people these days am pretty busy, and just cause I posted doesn't mean I was paranoid. I'm not going to the doctor unless something changed in the appearance etc. 

I don’t think it’s anything, neither did my anatomy teacher who is a surgeon. So thanks for the info about your fatty deposits, but before you call me an idiot, maybe you should get the fat between your ears checked out yourself, dickhead.

  You couldn't just post your comments without refering to me as an're a pathetic loser......

I am so sorry sir. I was obviously mistaken when I called you an idiot. I did not realize whom I was talking to. I owed you a lot more respect and I realized that after checking out your profile. With your 25 years of workout experience, I will defer all questions to you from now on.

And furthermore, I would like to thank you for your advice. Before I post anything else, I will look into “getting the fat between my ears checked out,” as you so eloquently put it.
However, I do have one question for you. You are angry because I called you an idiot for not talking to a Dr about odd lumps on you body, correct? Yet you then said you asked someone who is a surgeon? Perhaps your better response to my post would have been to say that you’re not an idiot and you did consult a Dr, thus proving me wrong.
Instead, you manage to call me a “dickhead,” “idiot” and “pathetic loser.” Way to voice your disgust at someone questioning your reasoning. You have clearly never been involved in a debate beyond “youre a doody head.” Let me anticipate your next move, your dad can beat up my dad? Or maybe, you would beat me up if I came to your gym?
My simple point was this, you only get one body in a lifetime, take care of it and let a Dr. check out things your concerned about. I’m in school also and I know it can be very time consuming. However, most schools will allow you to see a Dr for free. Learn how to take criticism if you post on the internet. Good luck in the future, I sincerely wish you well.