Small Intermittent Fast Windows/Cheat Days, Protein Absorption

Hi guys,

So I’ve been seeing different things on the internet regarding this (subject line) and was hoping to get some answers. I’ve implemented intermittent fasting and a caloric deficit to my diet and have had a decent pop with it. Early on, I would eat roughly 1000-1400 calories between 12pm-2. Protein and plant heavy. Got a ton of protein in, and I did in fact see a decrease in body fat, I was 210 lbs heading in.

I guess my questions are as follows:

A- I’ve heard the shorter the eating window, the more likely it is you can add a cheat or 2
Per week that you wouldn’t normally add. Yeah or nah?

B- I’ve heard that the body only absorbs 15-25g’s of protein per hour. I’ve also heard anything over that I.e. 15 g’s of the 40g protein shake I had, won’t be absorbed as protein but as I believe either carbs/fat/sugar. Do I have tk break my protein up? Or can I theoretically have 240g’s in one sitting and I’m good for the day? Also I’ve seen many different #’s to how much your body can absorb per hour.

C- Even @25g’s per hour, I’m wondering what the ideal intermittent eating window would be for someone @trying to take in 170-190g’s

At 210lbs? Cheating? Up to you but ultimately your eating window will have very little impact on your body composition.

Again, in grand scheme of things, this will have little impact on your body comp. It would be better to fast longer (and burn more fat) than worry about getting protein in because you may somehow miss a small growth window.

On point C - as above. You can easily do it in one sitting. I have been OMAD for sometime now and I have without doubt recomped eating a shed load of protein in a tight window. Of course, what you eat and how you train is going to have a very significant impact on whether you can do the same.


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