Small Goal Attained

I’ve been doing Stronglifts for about 10 weeks now having never worked out before. I started with the bar and have been adding 5 pounds on everything and 10 pounds for the DL. I just sumo DL’d 225 5x for the first time. It felt pretty easy and I’m sure I could still be doing more but it felt great to hit 2 plates on something finally.

The goal is to get 315 on the squat by October with around a 200lb bench and 400lb DL. No idea if its doable but I’m working hard and hoping big!

Nice work! That is totally do-able, and that’s just for starters. Think four plate squat and DL and 300 lbs bench. It might take until mid to end next year for all of those, but it’ll happen sooner than you think (bench might take longer than the others. I’ve yet to get to 300 lbs on bench).

A lot of it is mental. Right now they’re loads you can’t quite move, so it’s ingrained in your mind that they’re heavy weights. They aren’t. Those are just numbers. Now, they’re heavy for you. In a year, you’ll be using them for speed work.

Congratulations on the progress.

Consider posting this in the logs section.

ah yes, the first time you hit 2 plates on anything is the best thing ever.

Wait til you get your 2 plates bench! That’s really satisfying