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Small Forearms And Weak Grip. Any Advice?

Hi Lifters!
I’ve been lifting for 3 years and finally I reached some type of decent phisique. I was (am) skinny fat, but I had good muscle building results. My “problem” are my forearms; because of my very small wrists (6 in), they still seem to belong to a girl :joy:. I tried some Exercises like wrist curls but nothing happened. Can anyone help me?

Hammer curls with fat grips.

Any of these…

Thank you very much! I’ll try these exercises.

How much do you weigh an do you have time to do actual labor work?

that’s because wrist curls are stupid and ineffective.
here’s a recent thread about his subject: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/help-my-wrists-are-so-weak/

my best advice is to hold heavy things regularly. Also, dead hangs for time from a bar are useful. so are pull ups. so are farmers walks and frame carries. deadlifts. rows. all kinds of stuff. but the essential aspect is to do work with very, VERY heavy implements. basically the opposite of what you were doing with wrist curls.

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I’m 6-2 and I weight 200 lb.

Thanks for the advices. I’ll add some heavy stuff to my workouts.

I second flip on this as well as adding in more grip type implements on top. Squeeze the shit out of the bar and try to go heavier holding things. Use fat bar type implements when you can. Buy a sandbag and start training with it without using handles. You can be creative as well and find rocks and such to pick up in a pinch grip or whatever’s you can really. There are a ton of options out there.

On a side note, I like wrist curls, but only after a base is built from heavy carries, hammer curls, reverse curls, deads, rows, etc.

Ok, I understand. I’ll have to move very heavy stuff.

also: your wrists aren’t that small. You said here that they are only 6", but if your profile is correct, and they are 16 cm, that’s more like 6.3". That’s not that small. Mine are 6.5", and I"m doing just fine. Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Honestly, if all you care about is looks, small wrists are an asset, because smaller wrists make your forearms look bigger when you put on muscle :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll remember this when finally I’ll add some muscle to my forearms.

Just for completeness, here’s a pic of my wrist :joy:

It seems that someone just asked this type of question recently. Anyway, there is a difference between creating larger forearms and growing your grip strength. you can do any sort of pulling movement and your grip will improve. Chins, Deadlifts, Rows etc. You can also use Captains of Crush grippers. They will most certainly improve your gripping power. You may even get a bit of size from these movements. But not as much as you will grip power.

If you want larger forearms i recommend using two exercises: Reverse curls with an EZ curl bar and over the bench wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. With the reverse curls work in the 15 to 20 rep range. And make sure you are hurting by the time you get to your final reps. For over the bench wrist curls work even higher reps like 25-30 reps. Again you should be in agony by the time you get to the final few reps. three sets of each. do this program three times per week. Your forearms will grow!

Good Luck My Friend,


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Thanks a lot, man! I’ll surely try your precious advices!t

My fist is literally double my wrist. But my forearms are the same width as my fist. It’ll work out. Little wrists aren’t the end of the world. People have only ever noticed while feeling the larger part of my forearm in admiration.

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I thought my wrists were tiny so I measured. Apparently not? I guess they just look small because of my huge ass hands.

Edit: it loosened a tad while taking the photo. They’re 7.5"

It seems just like mine.

Disc you measure your forearms so we know what size they are? Sorry, I don’t remember seeing that

Mine are 12 inches in the largest part.

Yeah, just take the advice here and go on. Hold heavy shit and do direct forearm work. It takes A TON of time, but they will grow.