Small First Cycle Feedback?

Hi guys,

Was thinking I might start more conservatively than I was planning and just do 200mg Test C a week for 10 weeks. I was told at such a small dose minimal side effects would arise and minimal PCT would be needed. Could I get some feedback on running a low cycle like this? Is it worthwhile and advisable?

Possibly. But results will also be minimal compared to say 500/week.

Thats not how it works. Your pct is gonna be the same wether your run 100mg/week or a gram a week. Being shut down is being shut down.

Thats up to you. Youl get some good results if your diet and training are in check. You have 2 major beliefs pools. One being start low dose then increase as you cycle. Altho I believe those guys would probably even reccomend more than 200mg/week. Then you have the start higher maxamize results that’s where I stand which is why I would reccomend 500/week minimum. It’s up to you to decide which fits your lifestyle better.

Just to put it into perspective, 200mgs a week of Test C puts my Test levels at 1244 and 1186. I had 2 blood draws in 2 weeks. To me, shutting your natural production down for them levels are not worth it. That is my TrT dose. If I was you I would really shoot for a 300, 400, 500 mgs dose.

PCT would have to remain the standard. no matter what.

How old are you? Size? Lifting experience?


I am 26, 5’8, 156 lbs, 11% bodyfat. Been lifting for like 6 years, seriously and consistently for about 3 years. Thinking maybe 400mg a week might be ideal now for me. 500mg I was told is fine but isn’t necessary for a first cycle, so maybe just a little shy of that? I might be starting to overthink things here too. At some point got to just pick something and run with it. My motivation for possibly doing low dose of test was running low dose of test with eventually a low dose of deca for a pretty good results with minimal sides.

I would rather see you over think it than half the people that come in here half cocked. I think 400mgs would probably be a perfect place to start. I would also recommend getting a pre-cycle blood work, then mid-cycle, and even post cycle. Gives you good base for comparisons. PCT would be a nolvadex 2 weeks after last shot. 40/40/20/20.


At your size and age I think you have a long way you could go naturally before considering steroids. You might need to retool your training & diet if you’re hitting a plateau.

That being said: 200mg is commonly seen as a TRT dose and it seems like a bad idea to shut down your natural testosterone production to get to a level that’s just above normal range. Most recommended beginner cycle dosage seems to be around 500 mg, although some do 350ish, which should still give you good results.

What are your current, natural, test levels?

My test check from about two weeks ago was 825 Ng/DL. But on a previous test where they also calculated free testosterone that came back fairly low at like 6.6. I don’t doubt I could make some more natural gains but I also don’t think I have any noob gains left to make either and have tapped into a good chunk of my natural potential. I know everyone has different Opinions about how much of your natural potential you should obtain before hopping on gear.

I am getting more comprehensive bloodwork done this next week so I will post those results when I get it

I have included my more comprehensive bloodwork below. Can anyone help me interpret?
Looks like my free test is low

You need to go see an Endo and get more comprehensive blood test done on your thyroid. You have low T but I would get thyroid resolved first then retest for T.