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Small Dunk Vid


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtM2Dxmc4Bc&fmt=22 <-- HD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtM2Dxmc4Bc <--- non hd

nothing special.. just a hard dunk and a miss i did today.

around 37" rvj today after a REALLY BAD day.. but i slammed this one down real nice.. the base of my ace bandage is 13", so 133" - 96" reach = 37" definitely for the miss.

im playing around with shock again, did a mini-shock, 4x5 depth jumps from 33" a few days ago.. so my jumps felt more effortless today than when im lifting heavy.. i had alot of pop, because i dropped off 15% during that session.. pretty crazy.

for the last two weeks ive given up barbell training in favor of only force absorption/plyo/RFI/muscle activation training.. should be interesting how i progress without barbells..

its already taken its toll on me! much more intense than barbell lifting.. i just have to be smart and alternate my volumes/intensities properly & listen to my body.. pre-existing injuries flaring up slightly already, have to keep them in check.

ok peace




uh no but i have a shoe pic:

im much more sexy than that now though.. im even skinnier + more hair..



Well, I've been served.

I have no response.




Damn, you are getting really high up there! :smiley: Nice dunks.


The video editing killed the actual content. I just wanted to see you dunk, not see the whole screen shake red and then start all over again without showing me how you dunk. Otherwise mad props for the dunk.


Very nice, congrats. Share some more of your stats, ex: Height, training numbers - squat, deadlift, standing vj and others you can think of that apply.


I always love to see someone really getting shit together like this. Good work on the progress. what was your previous RVJ?

I also like you tactics sir Re: cutting BB work for amort drills and proprioception training for a short cycle. I was talking to a dude that trained at my old uni on the track team for high jump. He and his coach were doing the exact same thing and incorporating the none BB work for 2 weeks [6day cycles] in between 6 week [7cycles] BB training cycles.

An interesting note that they found Re: him getting better SVJ, RVJ and box jump was that when they left in 15 work sets of 3/week of romanian deadlifts he got way more power out of the plyo weeks.

Maybe you want to try it and see if you get more stank on your dunks. It was easier for them to measure using all the fancy speed/power output tools and motion sensor shit available to future 2012 athletes but you might notice the difference otherwise.

good luck dude.



ya well i already have tons of those.. videos with just dunks - no editing.


thanks for the reply.



6'1, 165 lb.

standing vj: ~27 <-- haha

one step vj is near 33-34" or so though.

in august 2007, rvj was 27..

in may 2009, rvj PR of 38.. yesterday i hit 37 on my make with a crap-load of negative factors.. so im quite proud of it.

squat, just below parallel was 1.72xBW when i hit 36" rvj.. took me almost two years to get to 1.72x, that shows you how naturally strong i am haha... then i switched to above parallel and hit 1.9+xBW and hit 37 then 38" rvj.

don't deadlift but i'd assume its way more than my squat.. im built for deadlifting thats for sure.. in sumo i can stay completely upright with my long arms.

from 2007 to 2009 - 102104912049 injuries

what applies to me is the fact that i still havn't quit trying to reach my goal of 45" rvj.. i had so many setbacks over two years.. and each setback fuels me even more..

strength in squat definitely helped.. thats for sure..

but so did all of the plyos i did, thats one reason i have such a huge gap in standing versus running..

the biggest reason i have a gap between standing versus running is the fact that i just DO NOT practice svj's.. i just dont like to practice them, so the motor patterns are still crappy.. plus i dip down like 2" on my svjs (probably because my body is thinking its a running vert).. not going deeper in the svj definitely hurts it.. so my SVJ is probably pretty good considering i dont dip down hardly at all hehe.. nah, it still is pathetic :wink:

my hamstrings really havn't "grown" at all.. but my quads/glutes/calfs have grown alot.

i psyche myself up for each jump.. like im going for a 1RM squat.. you can see in that vid after i dunked that hard one, how i land/clench my fists.. i was just getting hyper-aggressive prior to it.. that helps me get higher..

im doing shock now for 2 months, no lifting.. so hopefully i can post some crazier videos :wink:



thanks man

ya ive played with pure shock blocks before and have gotten instant results.. i have a bunch of shock and mini-shock graphs on my site.. every athlete ive trained including myself has gotten crazy results from even just one day of shock.. if you only did one session (4x5 or 4x10) these results last 3-4 days.

i've done a similar thing as the RDL, but with a 45 degree back extension:


sorry for plugging that but its applicable in this discussion.. that really helped give me more pop.. i dont have a back extension or i'd still implement it.

peace man


If you never hit over 40 inches I think we'll hear the after effects on CNN. Haha.



ya ill go on a rampge.. nah

40 will come.. 45 is what im fiending (sp?) for.



Ah..just reminds me of how long i have to go still! haha and you have 4 inches on my reach. props man! its nice to see someones hard work and dedication pay off! keep postin


thanks man..

what's your vert/stats?



Im thinking heavy B.O.M.B. throws would have an even better effect than RDL's or 45 hypers. If you can get heavy enough med balls. Or just chuck plates pinned together. I dont have any athletes right now with vert goals though.



Squat: 1.7xBW
Standing Jump Reach: 9'10"
Standing Reach: 7'6"
SV: ~28"
RV: ?

Startin 531 on monday to hopefully get my squat up to 2xBW (overall goal is 2.5xBW)...cant wait!


well, it's just like with jump squats.. you reach a certain point where you can get too heavy for it to be productive.. i've used heavy db swings as a potentiator for vert before with positive results.. very slight results, but results nonetheless.. i used a 60 lb. db.. anything heavier i would just be muscling it up too much.

the thing about rdl/45 degree hypers is it's a true stim.. it leaves alot of latent neuromuscular stimulation, so that lighter movements now have more power.. it's just like using SQUAT as a stim exercise.. i used 45 degree hyper because you can hold a position in triple extension, just like you are in a jump.. and from the angle, this really activates the p-chain incredibly.

i've only used rdl as stim a few times just to play with it.. it definitely had a positive effect on my broad jumps.. i didnt test it with vj or anything, only broad jumps.

to potentiate broad jumps in the athletes i trained, i'd use med ball scoop throws & rdl's.. definitely works.



nice man..

with 2.5xBW no doubt you'd be flying.