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Small Dose of Clomid Instead of Small Dose HCG

Hello guys i found a similar topic on this but there was almost no answer, i ask this because i don´t feel good on HCG even pinning it once a week i get testicular volume but i don´t feel good mood wise also get somewhat chubby.
My question would be if using small dose of clomid instead of hcg will maintain testicular function at all, not interested in fertility but in maintaining testicular size function.
The most i get without hcg is like 45 days at that point i also get anxiety that goes away after taking a small amaount of hcg but i plan on doing something else more frequently like once a week or something, that is why i ask about clomiphene and if someone has experience with it and along side TRT, i´d like to avoid CNS side effects like mood swings axiety and that kinda stuff, just interested in loads of cum if possible.

I have a similar response to hCG and I’ve tried it throughout the past 6 years at various dosages and schedules without much help. When it’s effective for testicular stimulation is when the side effects appear. No side effects - seemingly no testicular stimulation.

I’ve tried both Clomid and Nolvadex/Tamoxifen and neither seemed to increase testicular size/firmness/volume while on TRT. Neither seemed to improve ejaculation volume. Both Clomid and Nolva had considerable side effects. Clomid made me “feel” like my estrogen was high - emotional and weepy feeling. Nolva tightened the little fat I had around my chest but made my thoughts/brain feel fuzzy & cloudy. Nolva has some side effects related to brain cell death.

The best I’ve been able to find is a peptide called Kisspeptin-10, which seems to keep my testes “alive”, but certainly not optimal.

If you’re interested in increasing ejaculate volume, I would start with a supplement like this:

Thanks a lot man, of course i will give this a try, this being a natural supplement do you think one should like cycle it so the body does not get used to it and neutralized it´s effects.
I say this because i did try Tibulus and DAA before TRT and at the begining it clearly boosts libido but its effects fade in few days if using it on a daily basis.
Also my biggest fear is what you mention about high E2 like synthoms while on Clomid and central nervous system related side effects, i will definetely stay from that crap
Another thing i tryed on a relative low dose but i felt good on was proviron, only one 25 mg pill twice per week also makes my testicles look and feel fuller and also more ejacualtion volume, the only down side is my hair starts falling after a couple of weeks even at that tiny dose

I’ve never tried proviron. It made the hair on your head fall out?

Are you asking about kisspeptin 10 or the bark supplement?

Yes made me shed hair after a couple of weeks of use
About the supplement you recomend

Let your balls go offline. Simple.

HCG is far more effective than clomid, being that clomid has side effects. Clomid ruins the good feelings, perceived benefits TRT brings to the table in the majority of men.

Clomid should block E2 from the pituitary thereby increasing LH (ejaculate) and FSH (tadpoles). If HCG gets you moody and chubby, the T it produces is turning into E2 and lowering your ratio of T to E. Before I go on, if you dose HCG weekly, what is your dosage?

How long have your balls been “offline”?

Clomid on TRT didn’t produce those results for me tested by blood work. Hcg gives some men high e2 symptoms without it actually being high estrogen. With me this had also been shown by blood work. When I’ve researched more into depth of the mechanism, I believe that in some hcg seems to increase Aldosterone, the main mineralocorticoid hormone, which increases water retention, blood pressure and generally makes some men feel like shit while on hcg and “looks” a lot like high estrogen when it isnt.

Hello very small 250 iu, the thing is when i start using it i feel good but after week 3 is when i begin feeling this sides when i skip dose after that almost inmediately feel better pumps at the gym and over all a sense of well being
On the other hand the most i can stay without it is like 45 days after that i also start feeling weird, like if there is connection between my penis and the brain but this feeling subsides with a simple administration of as low as 250 iu so i´m guessing i might space administration to only a couple of times per month maybe
At the beginning of TRT journey i was using Ovitrelle which seems to be a very more refined HCG since regular HCG is Beta, ovitrelle is AlphaHCG and i was using it twice per week, but also bad feelings

Hello i tryed that but after a month with no HCG i feel like if my penis has no connection with my brain a very low dose HCG fixxes that so idk if may be use it only a couple of times per month

Yeah i tryed it in the past as monotherapy with horrible mood swings and axiety however i thought that using it along TRT might be different but everywhere i read is just bad stuff so i guess i´l stay away from it

I changed doctors a while back and he uses both HCG and/or Clomid in addition to Testosterone Cyp for patients. He says some do well on the Clomid addition and some don’t. I gave low dose Clomid a try for 8 weeks at a low 12.5mg eod in addition to 120mg TCYP weekly… At first felt nothing…after a few weeks Felt like shit! I cannot tolerate HCG either, so thought I would try and see. All I saw was a modest T increase of about 10%, raised E2 30%, and raised SHBG 20%. My LH did show slight levels of .3 after taking Clomid with T, which had been 0 for years of taking Test or T/HCG.

Yeah thanks for sharing, that is also worrysome, SERMs are known to rise SHBG, mine is always on the low end of normal range thankfully, but yeah too many bad opinions on SERMs so i won´t be trying it to keep testicles active, it is nice to notice how HCG keeps nuts kida full not gonna lie but can´t stand the feelings
Does any one have some feedback on Gonadorelin or Androxal those might be a viable option??

You tried Clomid which blocks E2 from the Pituitary Gland, and if I read this correctly your LH had been zero while on T shots. If I read this right this makes perfect sense; the human body reacts on a negative response loop, so if there was T in your system your body would not produce LH to stimulate the production of T. I have not seen a solid mention of the Pregnenolone that is produced in the brain with HCG. Although Pregnenolone is a hormone precursor, it also plays a big part in memory, staving off fatigue, and “low” moods.

Going on 3 months now. I cycle HCG twice a year now

Saw a video from Leo and longevity speaking about this pregnenolone and how us trt with no HCG have 0 of it, idk what is sure is using hcg regularly makes me feel like crap, how about buying pregnenolone as a suplement?? is it any good??, also i did notice energy and libido boost from DAA and tribulus way before starting TRT, i mean i know they stimulate LH in men not on TRT, idk if it may work in men on TRT.

Interested…What does your HCG cycle look like twice a year? Noticeable Benefits?

Pregnenolone is available as a supplement and easily acquired. I used to take Tribulus and a bunch of other herbs, but I never had blood tests done specifically for the herbs, as I was also on prescribed TRT at the time but that was decades ago.