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Small Cycle for First


If i were to run a small cycle (as my first cycle ever) of test eth
QV 250 1ml a week for approx 8 weeks
what would i need Nova during (how much)
or clomid after (how much / start and stop)


This cycle is USELESS! Please do some more research, I read what you proposed about gaining weight and such and you just are not nearly knowledgeable enough about chemicals to give them a go. 200mg of test is just enough to to stop your body from endogenously producing its own. What difference do you tihnk 250mg will make? There are plenty of threads in the search engine relating to PCT.


during your cycle one 10mg tab of nolva/day should work just fine- you could probably get by on less. however, your biology is unique of course, if your nipps get sensitive, incrementally up the dosage. post cycle, you can try either 100-150 mg clomid/day or perhaps 20-40 mg/nolva/day. there is actually quite a bit of debate on the forum about which drug (clo or nol) is better post cycle.


i just saw your other thread and i just wanted to add another point about diet. if you are indeed a bit worried about upping your caloric intake while natural, dont be while using the test. that would be a great opportunity for you to increase your calories and keep them higher (even after cycle- though not the same height as on) w/o fear of getting fat.

also, while i dont agree with that other guy that 250mg/wk is useless, you shouldnt be affraid of something like 400mg if you were just be cautious. dont get me wrong cautious is good- but you neednt worry about raising the dose a bit (you were worried to begin with). even at 400mg/wk, the antiE prescription i suggested a post or two ago would be fine. i have a private message coming your way regarding a place to find nolva.


Do you think stepping it up to 1.5 or 2ml a week would be better.
I have read a lot here. its just that there are so many contradictions and nothing specific for a small starter cycle that i can find. Then nolva would be just fine for during and post cycle right?


You have a 22 reply thread with some great info, and you are posting the same question?

I've tried to be nice b/c you have some training experience and are of age, but you are pressing alot of peoples buttons right now. You aggreed to try the advice that was given to you on the other thread, and now your asking about gear again?

250mg a week is a waste. Run at 500mg a week for starters. You will more than likely not need any anti e, but have it BEFORE you start just in case.

Also, cut out the sprints too. If you just lifted hard for an hour, you shouldn't want to do anything but go home and eat and sleep.