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Small Business Setup Advice


Hi there, I have a friend who's thinking of starting up a small business. She wants to do it in food, some kind of snack food.

I know there are more than a few entrepreneurs on this site, so I figured I can ask (on her behalf) for advice on setting up a small business. I know of no resources that people would find handy.

Thank you for your time,


The most sage advice I can give is choose your partner wisely.
I'm stuck with a complete fucking idiot who keeps fucking up in every way imaginable. So far he has almost gotten me killed/arrested on several occasions, plus I've lost close to half a million to his shenanigans.


I assume she's already read stuff like Starting a Small Business for Dummies or something similar to get the basics down?


entrepreneur.com has a wealth of resources. I started out reading there when I knew nothing and still refer back often.