Small Body, Big Legs

Hi guys
I have a friend who’s always complaining about her legs being too big. Her upper body is really slim but her legs are big. What are good exercises, and rep ranges for her to do to skinny-up her legs? Should she focus on cardio like treadmill/bike or weights ?


she’d probably have better luck building some muscle mass to her upper body - which would result in her lower body looking proportionately smaller. lots of women are atrophied in their upper body. leads to them looking bottom heavy, yeah.

alternatively… wheelchair works wonders.

thats what I would say too!

get her to do some upper body work. I know a few people like that too, I really don’t know why though it’s not like they squat or run or do anything for that matter.

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Not to rain on a parade for your friend, but in my experience its near impossible for mere mortals to fight a genetic body type. And if she doesn’t lift or train already then chances are her body naturally carries wt where it does.

I would suggest just a overall fat loss. A good clean diet change will help lower overall fat percentage, and she get at the lifting, she should keep conditioning in like cardio as well. She might just like how her big legs legs when they are more cut and muscular. I don’t think her legs are that big myself, in my opinion.

Squats and deadlifts won’t make her body worse or legs bigger, if she doesn’t do them already it can only help change her muscularity. Best thing I think would be to get her excited about lifting…then things pretty much take care of themselves if you eat clean.

This looks like genetics to me. I don’t think she can change the shape or size of her calves very much at all. Maybe the upper leg a little bit

big legs small upper is hawt. Check mal malloy

My girl is built just like that, with zero fat waist and above. Buff up the lats and shoulders. That’s the only way.