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Small Balls Plus my 6 wk update on TRT


Cutting to the chase, I have been on TRT for 6 weeks so I am very new. I did notice after hearing everything about ball shrinkage that my nuts are fucking small; I know this is not from the TRT ( being only 6wks in; however, starting to think this is the reason for my Low T. Im 36 w/ 280 total and low free T. I have been more concious and noticing, my balls are really small!! Not to get graphic but large sac w/ small grape sized balls?? Could this be the reason for my low T? In commited relashionship, have 7 kids between us, so I dont care about small balls or having more kids…Do I need HCG?

Anyway, been on TRT and things are going well. Nothing too much to report, besides a stronger sex drive, no real results in gym cause Im kinda lazy, but when I do go I feel stronger. Benched 300lb the other day! Also feeling more endurance in the cardio dept. And feel Like I can lift longer plus not so sore after workouts. Overall, nothing to complain about. I take 100mg; at (200mg/mL) per wk, which I know is on the low end. My doc prescribed from what I heard a ridiculous amount of 100mg every 2 weeks…I made my own regimine. I do .25mL every 3.5 days totaling 100mg/wk? Is this decent, or should I bump it. I get it w no co-pay and have 3 refills and my next appt is in Jan so I have plenty even with the increased dosage.

…your thoughts?


You know, that’s interesting and I’ve been wondering about that. My doctor prescribed me 150mg (or .75ml) but he always says that for the prescription he’s going to write “1 ml” for the pharmacist, because federal law requires that prescriptions have to be 1ml. I mentioned to him that it’s retarded and what business is it of the feds what quantity a doctor prescribes, especially if it’s a lower amount.

I’ve been meaning to get confirmation on this. Does anyone know if that’s really the case and what’s the details?

Sorry I don’t have an opinion on HCG yet as I’ll be inquiring more into that on my next appointment.


HCG isn’t necessary according to many Endos especially if you don’t care about your testicular size. However, there are other posts on here regarding the benefit of simulated LH HCG provides as you are not getting any otherwise.

Regarding the laws and dosing, I don’t know. My doses never equal 1ml/week and nobody has said anything at the pharmacy.


You are taking 175mg T per week. Many get to 800-900 on labs with 100mg/week.
You need lab work posted with ranges.

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Many get a good mood boost with hCG. hCG is also about sexual self-image and how your partner regards you.