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small arms disease

i understand that dips are the best excersize for tricep development, but after my shoulder surgury i can’t do them anymore. can someone tell me the next best thing? (close grip bench?)

Maybe close grip bench possibly from a slight decline. It should be a very similar movement to a dip but it will probably put some stress on your shoulders… Do it this way, palms in, with dumbells as well. Over-head tricep press seems to stretch the tris quite a bit while working them… I would suggest multiple movements anyway.

do a search of the website, I know there are articles by Ian King and Charles Poliquin on their favorite tricep excercises.

I have also been suffering from shoulder problems. It wasn’t until today that I could full get my left arm above my head.
Here is a routine given to me by Larry Scott (Two time Mr. O winner). You will want to check out his website for exact details. Overhead pulley extensions with elbow braced (this relieves the pressure on the shoulders) super setted with a combined form of tricep extension/close grip bench press. Do 3 supersets for 6-8 reps. It has always been a go routine for me.
Best of Luck.

Supinated BB skullcrushers.
Bench dips, if you can handle them.
Decline bench single DB skullcrushers.
Cable extensions, vertical or overhead.
Bench DB pullovers, elbows bent.
Bicep-to-bench DB kickbacks (Alessi’s variant).
DB french press.

Really, any of the above in that order.


Whatever you can use the most weight in
Overload overload overload!!!

CG bench
Skulls (various angles)
french press

Basics are still best

JM Press cuts out most shoulder rotation and shouldnt cause you many problems.

My new favorite triceps exercize is the Seated Half Press, which I got from Joel’s 5X5 training. However, this may not work because of your injury.