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Small Arms\Big Chest

I have this problem. I have a large Chest and Back and giant traps, with tiny t=rex arms, that aren’t in any way proportional. It sucks, I’ve tried taking it easy on chest days and only doing one exercise, while really increasing the volume and intesnity on arm days. I’ve tried just sticking to a basic all around program. Nothing works, I just keep going back to small arms. And my chest is to a point where it’s causing slouched shoulders. I did Westside powerlifting last summer, and my chest has been big since then, but now that I’m back to a basic bodybuilding program I just look really weird. Any suggestions on what I should do more or less of?

Monkey, I’ve had the same problem for years. What you need to do is cycle your arm training. For me it seems my bi’s and tri’s adapt to a workout fairly quickly. One exercise I tried for a while was bicep rows. To do them you do a basic row but with the palms up. The trick is to contract the Bicep when your getting your grip and also throughout the movement. This worked for a month. I did two weeks of 4 sets of ten then went to 6 sets of 5. The important thing is to contract the Bicep when doing the movement. Practice in front of the mirror flexing you bi’s one at a time. Also experiment if 2X a week is good or maybe 3X. I am currnetly doing 3X a week for mine. I hope this helps.

yeah i have this problem too but thats because my arms and legs are out of proportion to the rest of my body.

like zeus said, do exercises like palm-up rows and partial chins for bi’s. also try heavy extensions and close grip pressing for tri’s. while they may not give you a pump like curls and pressdowns exposing them to bigger weights will force them to grow, or at least get stronger

this problem you have is common place. i had the same problem, and this is the cure:

and lets not forget the tri’s

dont forget the triceps, these give u mass as much as bi’s

hope that helped

Wow, i have the exact same problem.

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The program look relatively easy, but it hits just about every plane possible throughout the arms. It is the best overall program for arm growth that I’ve ever seen.

NRMonkey, an “ideal” chest/arm ratio could be 2.8.To get bigger arms you should follow a bulking diet. That means that a 5’8" guy should weigh at least 200 lbs. Choose Westside powerlifting program or CW’s,IK’s,CT’s hypertrophy programs. Your goals could be:
Military press > 200 lbs
Bench press > 300 lbs
Squat > 400 lbs
Deadlift > 500 lbs
Do not choose an arm specialization program till you get these numbers and a proper bodyweight.
Good luck !