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Small Arms / Biceps


FOr the past few months I've been doing Waterbury's high frequncy system and have also started the Waterbury summer program. I love these programs and the results I'm getting, except with my chest and arms.

My tris have gotten somewhat bigger, but my biceps feel small. Also I have definately lost strength and size in my chest. Has anyone else had these issues?

My legs have gotten bigger at least. What does everyone think?


So are your Biceps look small or feel small?

Follow a spilt like

Day 1: Biceps, triceps, Forearms
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: off
Day 4: Chest, back, Shoulders
Day 5: off

Ian Kings arm programme is very good and so is Poliquins winning the arms race.

I always like this bicep tri set for biceps.

A-1) Supinated Chin ups: 2 x 6-8
10 seconds rest

A-2) Ez Bar Reverse Curls: 2 x 21's
10 seconds rest

A-3) Incline Hammer Curls: 2 x 6-8
120 second rest


Thanks for the advice. The subject kind of got chopped up by the admins. I meant to ask if anyone had the same problems on Waterbury's high frequency program though.


let me just say Chad Waterbury programs are brilliant they pack loads of muscle on me, but that being said I know my body needs alot more direct arm stimulation to make them grow i've always had small arms its a bit of a family trait. but Mr Waterbury has you covered use his perfect 10 program if your not happy with your arm size, last time I used it I put almost two inches on my arms in the 9 weeks it really is an excellent program. just moisturize alot if your prone to stretch marks


it's simple, if your arms can handle more work, give them more work.


Read Waterbury's desiging your own high frequency program. I've used it to change a few things on his origninal high frequency template to add in more arm work.


You put almost two inches on your arms in 9 weeks? Are you kidding?


Indeed. Are you kdding?


I'm not kidding seriously this program is awesome I should add that I had been struggling to put any size on my arms for a long time so it could of been a growth spurt or something. I'm actually just finishing cw's next frontier which also worked well for me then i'm going to do the perfect 10 program again. I'll post to let you know how it goes afterwards.


how about superset for biceps any good . from them


how about superset for biceps any good . from them


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[quote]winston43 wrote:
how about superset for biceps any good . from them[/quote]



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i meant to biceps exercises in a row . not compound stuff.




[quote]winston43 wrote:
i meant to biceps exercises in a row . not compound stuff.[/quote]

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