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Small Already, But High BF Problem

hey all. My cousin (no really…) is small in size about 167 5’7 and 24 % BF. If he cut to 12% he’ll only weigh like 150 lbs or likely less !!! So in a case like this is it OK to start to bulk earlier ? Bulking with a hight fat % is bad, but who wants to be a skinny 150 or less before staring to gain. Maybe bulking firt to add 15 lbs of muscle would be better, even if it adds 8 of fat at the same time… I didn’t have an answer for him, do you ? Thanks.

I’d lose the weight first. Why get fatter to gain a couple pounds of muscle and then lose a lot of it to diet down? Besides, he’d have a better self image when he’s lean and can actually see the results. Just my thoughts…

150 lbs at 5’7 isn’t a terrible weight. Not great, but not terrible either.

If your cousin is an absolute noob he might be able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time for a while.

Transition to a good T-Dawg diet along with a serious program involving compound lifts and stand back!

Just make sure your cousin learns to use good form…

the self image point is a very good one.
Along with the gain posibilities while cutting because he hasn’t worked out in a long time, so it will be like a noob. Maybe even better for him if musscle memory plays any part.

I think we all over complicate things regarding beginners. Should I cut?? Should I bulk??

As Vroom said, get the diet in order and lift some weights using a balanced program.

With the right foodchoises and working out he will lose weight.

Later on he can chose if he want to cut or bulk depending on the results he got starting up again…

I agree with Vroom. On a side note regarding diet choice: “Don’t Diet” is basically Massive Eating with less calories, right? Maybe it would make a good choice for the guy. He’ll want to transition to Massive Eating after the inital transformation anyway.

I know my exemple is not universal but, let me share my story.

I’ve started training about 2 and a half years ago. I was 5’9 160 at about 20%bf.
I started lifting heavy and eating alot more protein and keeping my carbs somewhat high (complex carbs). Right now im at about 210 with 13-15%bf and yes, i never “cut”.

Like somoene said earlier, when you begin you will be able to build alot of muscle and lose alot of fat because your body is not used to such activities (if of course you got a good diet). There is also the fact that more muscle mass burns more calories per day.

Good luck with your cousin.

Great advice by all. Just get him lifting regularly and get the diet straight. I wouldnt even go as far as the dont diet method yet. Simply go for good foods. A simple approach of whole foods and no processed junk will go a LONG ways.

Have him slowly get the concepts given by LL, JB, David Barr, Chris Shugart, yada yada, Everyone Slowly. Make it enjoyable dont overwhelm him by changing his WHOLE life over night, make little changes. Remeber its a lifestyle and you can take some time to ease into it and add as you go.

Start with a solid base of compound movements and 7 Habit

for a nutrition base.

Have him read vrooms newbie thread=

Also if you can get him on here himself, to ask questions, learn, etc. it can be HUGE motivation.

Hope that helps,

thanks everyone. Great info. I will bug him to get him on these forums. Better yet i’ll sign him up and send him the password. Part of his fear of asking questions is the lack of help he reeived on a forum for a … popular mens mag that cares more about cloths these days than health. He was laughed at more than helped. But he has seen my success and wants to acheive it. Alot of that has to do with this site.