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Sly Is Still A Tank

The original Rambo is actually quite good. And if you’re making fun of a strong man crying, you better not visit the “strong men crying” sub forum on this site.

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Not sure if this is a reference to PWI or the Powerlifting forum


He’s acting. Crying for acting doesn’t count - everyone knows that Sly is not pathetic enough to really cry like that.


WHAT!?! :pleading_face:

I guess thats what I get for not watching sequels.

Just wait until you learn who Luke’s father is! Hint: it’s not Chewbacca.


Its Princess Leah, isn’t it?

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Way off. (Hint: It starts with a Yo and ends with a Duh)


No way! Little green guy, talks funny, like Kermits grand dad?

Well, he was a Jedi master. Probably has serious pull with the chicks in that universe.

Ha ha. Yeah those rest-pause sets took too much energy out of his creative juices.

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anybody try this yet?

simon miller says the plates are fake

I’d like to think I can. I can grab 45 bumpers off the rack and load them single handedly, surely I could do even better with a smaller plate with a lip??

Idk though. This could be one of those things that looks silly and easy but is stupid hard lol

I remember seeing Rambo: First Blood (the first Rambo movie) and thinking Stallone had an awesome muscular physique. I think now I wouldn’t trade physiques. He is a little leaner than I am, but I am IMO considerably bigger. Now Rambo First Blood part 2, or 3 physique might be worth a trade.


Is he training for another expendables film? I love those campy films.


I remember seeing Rambo 3 and being blown away by how big and ripped he was. It seemed unbelievable.

I also remember seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was a tween and thinking they were huge lol

The plates are definitely fake. Look how quickly the plates ‘shake’ rotating in his hand. Hold a 45 and see if you can twist them back and forth that quickly.

He is still a tank regardless, he’s also an actor and this is acting.



Fun fact but for “First Blood”, Sly actually was fresh off of filming “Rocky III” and was down in weight. He was spending a bunch of time editing the “Rocky III” film while also filming this if I remember correctly so he wasn’t quite in the shape he would of liked.

I just know your a Rocky fan so I thought I’d share that bit of nerd knowledge with you.


He was diced in Rocky III. A bit less so in First Blood. Still admirable physiques in both.

I don’t know what role he was training for here, but IMO has to be close to top physique for him.

Kinda what I am trying to go for ATM.


I look a lot like that, but my camera is messed up and makes me look like a bloated roadkilled groundhog.

Stupid smart phones.


I may show my inner nerd a bit too much but that was for “Rambo III”. Like I said earlier, I think “Rambo III” showed him at his best physique.

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Yeah I would be happy with either physique especially as I get older.